Maker Monday ClaySpace Orientation

  • Any time afternoon Monday for me.

  • Classroom

    OMG, I am ready to start with the high temperature metal oxides and silicates chemistry. Can we please? I’ll see you there.

  • @kile said:

    high temperature metal oxides


  • Classroom

    @pierre, I was thinking of glazing, but I have always wanted to make termite…

    We should probably keep it away from the kiln though.

  • Design Lab

    @amanda_e when there is a time nailed down for this, can you post this Maker Monday Members Only exclusive learning opportunity to the Facebook page? A great way to raise awareness and buzz about both Maker Monday and the new Clay Space.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, do we need to see this on Facebook?

    If the idea is to drum up some suspense for the opening, I guess it makes sense. It just has to be very clear in the post (and title as you have suggested) that we don’t want randoms showing up for this.

    I know from the Info inbox traffic that people are waiting for the grand opening, and following workshops. I just want to be able to monopolize Amanda’s time and get the members really dialled in with what is expected around the use of this resource.

  • Member

    Hi I’ll do it at 7:00pm Monday. All members welcome. I’ll post it on Facebook.

  • Classroom

    @amanda_e, sounds great!

  • Design Lab

    @kile yes, we need to see this on facebook, promoted (as I made clear) as a Members Only opportunity, for obvious marketing reasons.
    To be clear: I intend to be rather relentless in celebrating and promoting our resources and the advantages of membership on social media - we have tons of well-earned content and news; lets share it. Now.

    Faceboook is the primary (free) tool we have to inform not only members that arent on the forum but also everyone else of the Makerspace activities and opportunities - to be honest I am not getting you’re suggestion that these shares be limited to the forum. This is the very basics of how we will entice new members - until a good reason for not sharing the news is floated, I will be.

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