iTel Networks donation

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    As most of you know, iTel Networks respnded very positively when I reached out to them in July for a donation of internet and phone system.

    THANK YOU, iTel Networks!

    We had an inside man that made it go that much smoother - thank you to @pierre for his tech support and @megan-fenkhuber who helped facilitate the deal, too.

    The internet is operational and the phone system is coming soon, which will relieve @arasbm of having his phone number used as the contact number for the Makerspace (and thank you to Aras for all that, as well!)

    We will need to adjust the phone number for Makerspace on Google and the facebook page.

    What is the new number to be? Can it ‘spell’ something clever?
    Will it just take a message and send a notification and transcription to someone?
    Or does it ring in the Lounge?
    Will the phone be kept in the Office?
    Can it be used by Members in general? (This would be a nice service for members)

  • @Vaughn we cant put the phone in the lobby if there is a chance of making long distance calls or accepting collect calls.

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    @Grant-Fraser - obviously? But if it is possible to set it up so only local free calls can come and go, this would make the lounge and Makerspace more dynamic. Definitely worth doing, if possible.

  • @Vaughn sometimes I state the obvious because other people miss it.

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    @Grant-Fraser im doubting the people who actually rig the phone will, though. Because I am tagged in your post, I felt I should respond.

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    Again - having a courtesy phone in the Lounge would be another nice Member benefit, which is what I am focused on building up.

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