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  • I only post positive messages on the board, but I am getting very frustrated. I have been trying for almost 3 weeks to get into the space during the day to use my CNC machine and to purchase a WeArm for my nephew. I drive by the space several times a day, during the day, and always look to see if someone is there. I have not been able to get in to the space in all of that time. Today, the space shows open on the website, but I went down as soon as I saw that and rang the bell several times, knocked on the metal shop door and was unable to find anyone. Do we have any idea when the space will be open during the day in the next few days?

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    @robert Sorry for the lack of access! I was actually here most of the day, except for going for lunch and I had ‘opened’ the space, but did not, unfortunately, ‘close’ it while I was gone for an hour.

    I am so busy with my own work, that I cannot commit to additional volunteering to keep the Space open at regular hours, although I am here often and do let a lot of members in, etc. Because this is, after all, a volunteer hours issue.

    What I CAN do is book a time with you in the next few days to ensure you get in. Ill message you.

    I am told the RFID system is close to being up - that will hopefully alleviate some of the problem.

    I do invite you to attend the Members Meeting tomorrow evening to share your thoughts on this - I know you have great input.

    Sorry for the frustration, though!

  • @robert We addressed this issue in tonight’s meeting. Relevant thread about it here:

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