The Kamloops Makerspace membership fee structure has changed

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    Hello, Kamloops Makerspace community. At the members meeting tonight, we passed a motion to change our fee structure. Effective as of October 1, 2017 there will be a single tier of membership, which costs $75 per month for 24/7 access to the space.

    We are having problems retaining members at the current $50/month drop-in rate, with the main complaint from drop-in members being that it is hard to justify the cost with no guarantee of hours of access.

    Current drop-in members will be given the option to continue paying $50 for up to three months. Former members who chose to return to the Makerspace now until the end of October will have the opportunity to purchase three months of membership for $50 per month (as a lump sum $150 payment). Keyed access will be included for all members.

    This change is not intended to restrict access to the space. We are trying it as a solution to drop-in membership attrition. Our retention rates are much higher for key-holder members. If you have any questions or concerns around this change please feel free to pose them here, or directly to one of the board members.

    We want the Kamloops Makerspace to remain an accessible resource for the community. If there is an individual member, who contributes to the community around the space, that would be excluded from accessing the space due to financial hardship, special circumstances may be arranged, on an individual basis, at the discretion of the board.

  • Some of the keyholders present at the meeting have opted to continue to pay the original $100 rate for some time to help with our finances. If you’re part of that group, you probably want to note it in the memo when you submit your payment to @Grant-Fraser … I suspect it will be a paperwork nightmare for him, but everything is.

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    I am one of the key holders that will gladly continue to pay $100 per month (and volunteer a lot, as well) because I think it is a tremendous value.
    I always note on my etransfer what the money is for and for what period to help keep it straight for the Tresh!
    And thank you to @Grant-Fraser for his efforts in this and a lot of other areas.

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    note: I posted this info on Makerspace facebook page

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    Can the automatic signup available on the forum be updated with the new membership rate, please?

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    The main page would be a good idea too, @megan-fenkhuber should be able to do this. I’m not sure who can update the forum signup page. @pierre, @toxuin, any ideas?

  • I likely can.

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    I was asked for clarity on the current deal here, and step by step instructions for signing up. Is the following correct? Did I miss anything? Thank you.

    **During the transition, current drop in Members in good standing can pay $50/month to Dec 31, then $75 per month after that.

    **New Members may sign up at the previous rate until Sept.31. As of Oct. 1 the rate will be $75 per month.

    **Previous members who decide to return to the space in the month of October will either be able to purchase a single months membership for $75, or three months for $150

    Members in good standing (dues are paid up) receive all benefits (including reduced workshop fees) immediately upon their signup or continued monthly payment.

    Family memberships are $100/month.

    Two ways to sign up for a Makerspace Membership:

    Preferred method - please go to the Makerspace Forum:
    and click the MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP button at the top. Fill out the form, and it will email you with instructions to pay by E-transfer.
    (FYI: send e-transfers to )

    While you are at the Forum, click the login button, as well, and register for the Forum. That is where a lot of the in house info is for Members.

    The other way to sign-up is to come to Makerspace on a Monday or Weds evening and fill out the form and pay by cash or cheque.****

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