Paint roller poles

  • I was hoping I could coerce @kile into writing something about the Wooster Sherlock quick change paint pole system, and the adapter he’s designed for it.

    Seriously, how the hell had I never found out you can get better extension poles?

    And the quick-release thing that lets you leave the roller in the tray and prop the pole out of tripping range is awesome.

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    @pierre, I like Wooster Sherlock line. For pretty cheap they sell kits to convert other poles to their end, as well as adapters that easily fit on and off their ends to make any of the standard threaded objects fit.

    We could probably 3d print the adapters ourselves for lighter objects. Or thermoform them once we get that going. The adapters on the pole would be really easy to design something for the laser cutter that could pop right on as well. I still plan on doing some stuff with this, I will post some drawings here once I do.

  • Thanks. I was hoping you’d be willing to share your drawings. I’m going to keep an eye out at the usual sources of used tools for the poles.

    Also… Anyone using the dollar store broom handles around the space to paint rooms: Please stop doing that. It just breaks the broom handles and makes it so we can’t sweep up.

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    @pierre, last I checked the tips to convert a pole were available at Benjamin Moore for $5-10. They only work for the poles where the telescoping part is a hexagon, but for all I know it may be easy for you to machine some round ones.

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