Workshop Basics!

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    Hello All! This sub forum is for the listing of all workshop related information!

    To sign up to host a workshop please fill out this form

    If you would like to give feed back on a workshop you attended please do so here

    Basic workshop information:

    • Workshops (for the most part) are organized and run by our members, and for some, these workshops require considerable prep time/cost
    • Workshops can be interactive or informational
    • Suggested pricing for workshops
      • $5 for members, $40 for non-members for interactive workshops
      • $5 for members, $20-30 for non-members for informational workshops
      • Additional costs maybe associated for both members and non-members for supplies/materials
    • Sign-up in advance is highly recommended as space is usually limited
      • recommended workshop size is 6-10 for interactive and 10-30 for informational
      • to guarantee a spot, attendees are invited to pay in advance (at the discretion of the workshop coordinator)

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