Haunted House Planning 2017

  • @Nicholas has put me in charge of sourcing volunteers for this awesome event, and as such, I am to be the direct point of contact.

    We are looking at October 27th-29th at the Old Courthouse again, but details will be made available as soon as possible

    This thread can be used as a repository for ideas!

    • Theme?
    • Props?
    • Special effects?

  • Design Lab

    I’ll volunteer to do a promotional image for this for use in the event page, poster, etc.
    I’ll work on some weird photos I have of the venue, but we need the deets nailed down pronto.

  • Classroom

    Any progress on this? Last I heard @Nicholas was looking into booking the courthouse. Anyone know if this has happened?

    We are 5 weeks out…

  • I now have the go-ahead from TRU I was waiting on. Will book tomorrow.

  • @Nicholas Thanks. That’s awesome news.

  • Instead of a vampire room can we have a hurt by machinery room? Or a dumb ways to die room? We cant do spurting blood but we can do non-liquid gore.
    Hand caught in blender, head in microwave, nail gun to head. I knew about a guy who drilled his scrotum…

  • Member

    @Grant-Fraser I really like the injuries idea but with the inability to use fake blood…

  • The guy who did not have a sawhorse handy so he put the board over his leg and ran the skil-saw through it…

    I’m not sure it is super scary for “normal” people though.

  • Classroom

    Could we use tricky airbrushing and strategic lighting to make dry solid surfaces appear to resemble liquid blood, and stay within the letter of this rule while blatantly ignoring the spirit of it?

    And if so, should we?

  • @kile We could, and absolutely should do that.

    They don’t care about the goriness of it. They don’t want us tracking fake blood everywhere, because it is a bitch to clean up. There was an incident prior to us doing the first haunted house there where a murder themed wedding left everything covered with fake blood.

    So we promised to not use the stuff, in order to get in the door… Most fake blood formulas are a terrible, sticky mess that does not dry, by design. We had actors with makeup that resembled injuries without any issue last year. @megan-fenkhuber does a good job of making a dry prosthetic injury that looks very real.

    If you want to make some painted props that look bloody, nobody will have a problem with it.

  • Classroom

    @pierre, makes sense. If we had a dramatic change of lighting right at the moment of impact, we could totally create the right illusion.
    <edit: Looks like we will be living up to the spirit of the rule. Oh well.>

  • At Canada Day every year there is a booth that does fake injuries that look pretty decent, but the kids are able to run aroubd on the bouncy castle with out trailing any behind… I think it may even be BLSC that does that

  • Classroom

    @megan.fenkhuber, I think its actually Eureka science camp from TRU. I remember seeing a couple people I knew there last year. I can follow up with the recipes

  • Director

    @kile excellent

  • @kile I think it’s imperative that all makerspace members have airbrushed “fish” shirts. We can add the word scary to the top.

    Any merit in having the leap motion in there? I can see if I can find some scary software for it!? Or is that better suited for art in the dark?

  • Member

    I volunteer for the roll of the hanging criminal. Might need some help on a costume for it though.

  • Haunted twister display?

  • Design Lab

    Need for advertising image:
    Dates and times of haunted house (even just the dates at this point) @Nicholas
    Title of Event (NIGHTMARE at the OLDE COURTHOUSE, or something like that? Is there a theme yet?)
    Sponsors to be included on promo?

    Anyway with that inf I can bang out a creeeeeepy poster - is there 2 or 3 good shots of last years event I could cannibalize? maybe @pierre

  • Classroom

    @megan.fenkhuber, the ingredients/process that Eureka used for the fake gore was:

    1. apply liquid glue to skin as base
    2. sprinkle coffee grounds on for texture
    3. apply a mixture of corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food dye
    4. sprinkle salt on top to make everything gel up

    The person I talked to didn’t remember the exact ratios, but we could figure it out i’m sure

  • Classroom

    Also this:
    Red yarn!

  • That yarn thing is awesome.

    I just picked up some of the webcaster glue sticks that Home Depot sells for their $40 glue-gun/compressed air webcaster… We did ok in an initial test using normal hot glue and a blow-gun, but I wanted to see if the stuff they’re selling is easier to clean up or comes out better. I don’t want to blow glue around at the courthouse, but laying up “airbrushed” spiderwebs onto props is an option… And the stuff feels super realistic, so @KillwithKindness and I were thinking we might arrange to make some to stretch so that people have to walk through it…

    I also bought a mini projector that is intended to project onto a screen in a window. The videos that came with it are not super awesome, but it’ll take whatever I want to put on a USB stick. I’m hoping to find some good ghost loops to project onto fog or insect netting outside. Scare some folks in the line would be nice.

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