Haunted House Planning 2017

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    @Nicholas ok im on the poster and facebook sized promo stuff. gimme a day or two

    Can we give the event an over the top theme name? Shakerspace? Makerspace: Judgement Day? Nightmare at Olde Courthouse?

    I think the yearly theme/special title is winning promo…


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    This post is deleted!

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    How is this poster image? did I miss any info on it?

    0_1507008173676_poster sketch 1.jpg

  • @Vaughn can you make the bottom solid white where the sponsors are? I think it will add a little balance as they already have white backgrounds. Food and drink available would be nice as well.

  • Is everyone happy with this? If so can I get a full-size file @Vaughn so I can get some printed?

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  • Planning meeting at Makerspace Thursday October 19th @ 6:30PM!

    Anybody planning on volunteering please try and make it as I will have sign-up sheets and important information to hand out. If you cannot make it, I will post the positions still needed after the meeting.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Repost from Maker Monday thread:

    @KillwithKindness forgot her laptop this morning… So I’ll make this post. Maker Monday this week is at the Courthouse, cleaning up the Haunted House stuff. Dinner will be Pizza because we don’t have time to make something. IF there’s time, we will also clean up the mess at the space from the haunted house prep… But if not, we’ll have to take care of it over the coming few days.

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