Agenda and notes for the next meeting this Thursday April Second

  • Our original thread for founders meetings is getting very long and out of control. We are also covering a lot of stuff at each meeting these days since to have to make lots of decisions. To help keep things more organized, lets create a separate thread for each meeting. We can start with the agenda and then post the notes to it. So here we go, agenda for our meeting on April 2nd:

    • CAD workshop
    • Business cards
    • Press release
    • Representing makerspace at the regional innovation stakeholders consultation meeting on Wednesday April 8th
    • Presenting to the city

    Assuming the answer to agreement is YES:

    • Split the work to fundraise for material
    • Design a workshop for the first reno
    • Start work on Makerfest
      • Permits
      • Sponsors

    if the answer is NO, or it seems to take too long:

    • review other options
    • focus on most promising funding source
    • brainstorm and re-plan our summer activities

    cc @Founder @Chainmaildave @sireatalote @hdsheena

  • Linux

    A time and location would help me! Later is better for me!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Some mail came for you guys today! From Kamloops Insurance.

  • @amanda Great!

    @Founder @hdsheena @Chainmaildave Lets meet at KIC for our meeting today around 6 anyway. I will be there at 5:30 or so and wait for everyone to get there.

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