Donations vs. DUMP RUNS

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    After doing 20 runs to the DUMP over the last 8 months, and enduring the abysmal and make-killing clutter of junk and non-working tools, the time has come to stop the DONATION madness at the Kamloops Makerspace.

    EVERY potential ‘donation’ MUST follow these guidelines:

    • a PHOTO of the potential ‘donation’ is posted, with a textual description including dimensions, quantity, provenance and disposition), to the Forum under the DONATIONS thread, PRIOR to bringing it into the Kamloops Makerspace.

    • MEMBERS shall have an opportunity of 48 hours to either support/accept the ‘donation’ or down-vote/decline the ‘donation’ BEFORE it is dumped, I mean, ‘donated’. Members that up-vote the donation shall be automatically in charge of the storage, use and/or disposal of THEIR accepted donation, and will ensure its presence does not impede the efficient operations of the Makerspace. Additionally, those up-voting stewards of the ‘donation’ shall post the intended use and timeline thereof to the thread.

    • EVERY ‘donation’ accepted into the Space requires the prior written authorization of the relevant shop coordinator (where the donation will be utilized and/or TEMPORARILY be stored. This up-voting shop coordinator will accept responsibility for the ‘donation’, as well.

    • Any person who accepts a donation into the Space without following the guideline above accepts immediate and permanent personal responsibility for it, and the object be green-taped with their name and date.

    I feel I have done my share of doing dump runs of stuff I had no part in accepting and had zero probability of using. I have no problem helping the Space disposing of any legit waste (like laser off cuts, kitchen, garbage bags, etc.) whether I directly created them or not, but will no longer be volunteering my time and truck to take ‘donations’ to the dump. I’ve totally had it, as has @Nicholas (who, incredibly, was available, yet again, to help me do the 4 hour mission today, while crickets chirped from those that actually accepted this JUNK.

    Thank you to @Nicholas @KillwithKindness , @pierre @megan-fenkhuber @MIPS @Ron_Ron @Grant-Fraser @Beth @Bradley-Maker @ornatesapphire for their help keeping the space clean.

  • I would be happy to take all the wood scraps for my wood stove, they burn fine . . . I can also volunteer to occasionally remove ‘donations’ to the dump, steel pile is free to dump

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