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    This thread is for posting potential donations.

    Please follow the following guidelines:

    EVERY potential ‘donation’ MUST follow these guidelines:

    a PHOTO of the potential ‘donation’ is posted, with a textual description including dimensions, quantity, provenance and disposition), to the Forum under the DONATIONS thread, PRIOR to bringing it into the Kamloops Makerspace.

    MEMBERS shall have an opportunity of 48 hours to either support/accept the ‘donation’ or down-vote/decline the ‘donation’ BEFORE it is dumped, I mean, ‘donated’. Members that up-vote the donation shall be automatically in charge of the storage, use and/or disposal of THEIR accepted donation, and will ensure its presence does not impede the efficient operations of the Makerspace. Additionally, those up-voting stewards of the ‘donation’ shall post the intended use and timeline thereof to the thread.

    EVERY ‘donation’ accepted into the Space requires the prior written authorization of the relevant shop coordinator (where the donation will be utilized and/or TEMPORARILY be stored. This up-voting shop coordinator will accept responsibility for the ‘donation’, as well.

    Any person who accepts a donation into the Space without following the guideline above accepts immediate and permanent personal responsibility for it, commits to arrange for its storage, use and disposal, and the object be green-taped with their name and date immediately.

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    @Vaughn, while I support what you are trying to do here, I don’t think that this is the best way to execute it on the forum. I do not support the use of a single thread to manage all of our potential donations, this will quickly become unwieldy in length, and will be very subject to cross-talk about different donations.

    Can we instead have a top-level forum admin (such as @pierre) set up a sub-forum for donations so that each item can appear in its own thread in one spot. This would make “donations” appear in the list with “general discussion” etc. when someone hit the New Topic Button.

    Besides this detail, I support everything else you have laid out here.

  • I would like to reiterate the problem that this has created. This issue was a huge reason for my recent leave of absence. I am not sure of the solution, however, the acceptance of donations is being offloaded to the small number of volunteers capable of doing the disposal is troubling. I do not mind doing dump runs. The problem is the lack of support for loading the unorganized, overfilled bins on our own, often injuring ourselves, damaging our equipment and burning huge amounts of valuable time. This has been and is unacceptable. Unless people are going to develop these capabilities on their own, all members must accept responsibility and control donations.

  • @kile I tried… Turns out that while I can happily edit your post to have you say embarrassing things, move it to a different topic and add myself to invitation only groups (just tested those features ;) ) I could not log into the /admin panel or find another way to create new categories. Half an hour reading online seems to indicate that only the first user created on the forum can create or rename categories.

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    @pierre, that seems…

    Well it presents a problem. I’ll see what I can figure out. Thanks for giving it a go.

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