Throw out Thursday, Thursday September 28th

  • So as a few people already know Friday of next week (Friday September 29th) is Culture Days.

    @Vaughn has already made a post about the event here .

    The City of Kamloops has requested we host activities and we aim to impress the guesses that will be in attendance that day.

    So for this following week I would like to arrange a new cleaning day, Throw out Thursday!

    We need to rally together as many people as possible for this cleaning and organizing the Space. So please, please, even if you only have a half hour you can help. Come down and give us a hand. I am going to be take at least half the day off work to come in and clean the Space for this event.

    All floors and stairs will need to be swept, vacuumed and mopped.
    The bathrooms will need a good scrub.

    Shops need to be tidy and organized. (I want to thank @Ron_Ron for the big push he did on the Hackroom this last Monday. It was a big surprise when I came in for Maker Monday and this was done. Thank you!)

    For anyone with items stored on the floor or tables in the mudroom or lounge now is the time to take them away. You have a week. Anything not marked as to who it belongs to will be dealt with in the process of cleaning.

    Laser Cutter will need the regular maintenance. Bed vacuumed, Mirrors cleaned. Maybe the filters should be checked and changed if required.

    I will bring in refreshments during the day. And for anyone that attends in the evening there will be dinner as always.

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  • I have the day off work, so I will be there all day! Woohoo!

  • @KillwithKindness has purchased some snack foods for during the day Thursday. If anyone has anything else they would like to contribute it would be appreciated! We will be here by 10AM to get started.

  • 3D

    I will be there during the day if I can get help leaving before 4 so I’m not late for work in the evening ;)

  • Director

    @Beth I got you!

  • Design Lab

    A few tasks:

    • litter raked up outside building

    • garbage run before Friday pm

    • white board hung in classroom

    • extra stuff out of mudroom

    • tidy materials and stuff in fab shop hall

    • tidy office (or paper window)

    please add or edit as required.

    thanks to everyone who does the actual work in the building! we are winning!

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