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    Hey folks,

    We received a request from TRUSU to give a 10 min presentation for our members for some issues that they are trying to highlight, and create some political will to address. I have suggested that they come to hack night next week (@7pm) to deliver the short presentation, and have an informal conversation on the issues.

    I have also suggested that they post here on the forum to engage the membership.

    Below is an excerpt from the email (from Cole Hickson) with a bit more info:

    TRUSU represents over 10,000 students in Kamloops and provides advocacy, services, and entertainment to our membership. More specifically, my role as Vice President External is to represent students and the interests of TRU and the greater community at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels on education based issues.

    This fall the TRU Students’ Union is reaching out to organizations across the Kamloops region to request a time to share a short presentation on the challenges that TRU is facing with provincial government underfunding and to talk about the impact that this has across our region and on organizations as human capital based as yours.

    To give you a little bit of background on the issue, over the last five years Thompson Rivers University has been underfunded by approximately $80 million compared to the average university/college in BC. This ongoing underfunding has a big impact on the broader Kamloops community and on students and their families. We would love to be able to share those impacts with your group.

    Would the members of the Kamloops Makerspace be willing to receive a ten minute presentation on this issue? We would be happy to accommodate a time that is most convenient for you.

    For more information on TRU underfunding see our website at

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