Servo alternatives?

  • I’ve been working on this project for quite a while, but I’ve stalled out on this drive system as I have these stupid expensive servos that I can’t afford. I’m wondering if any of the fabulous makers here have any ideas, if there is anywhere I could try to scavenge something comparable that would work for my purpose? The recommended ones are the D950TW Servo from ServoCity… I need two. Any suggestions? I attached a couple pics of my project, if that helps. I’m not expecting identical performance… I’m just out of ideas. I have my drive frame and electronics all ready to go… But just can’t get my hands on these servos.
    0_1506222060593_BB8-DomeLights.jpg 0_1506222127522_Drive-System.jpg

  • What specific characteristics lead you to selecting those particular servos? Torque, response speed, some other consideration? There are likely compromises that can be made if you don’t need all the features of that particular servo…

    For example, these provide a third as much torque, but at a tenth the price:

    These have similar torque and speed, but I think a narrower working range, and are not rated for as high voltage: For 30 bucks they might do the job though.

  • Thanks @pierre! I think the torque is important, but I will ask some other people who’ve built this drive if I could get away with less… I’ll definitely look into that second one.

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