Pub Night/Fundraiser Dinner

  • I go a response from Duffys regarding the Fundraising dinner:

    “We only hold fundraisers on Sundays and for the month of October, the 8th is the only one available. That might be too soon. The next available Sunday on November 12th, 2017.”

    If we think we can sell all the tickets by the 8th I will book for then, otherwise, I think Nov 12th is a better date.

  • I think Nov 12 is too close to Christmas. We want to get money from people before they spend it on presents.

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    @Grant-Fraser so October 8th then?

  • I would go with Oct 8th.

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    This is the other part from the email:

    "Thank you for considering Duffy’s for your fundraiser. We have been very successful in helping our community to raise money by having fundraisers at our Neighbourhood Pub. This is how it works.

    When: We have Dinner Fundraisers on Sundays only. The first step is to pick a Sunday that has not been reserved by other fundraisers. Please keep in mind that it should be booked on a date that will allow you plenty of time to sell your tickets. Tickets: We print the tickets for you. It takes about two days to complete. There will only be 120 tickets printed for that day with 60 tickets printed for a 5:00pm seating and 60 tickets for a 7:00pm seating. It is your responsibility to sell the tickets and they cannot be sold at the door on the day of the event. (Reservations for parties of 5 or more is a must) *All guests must be 19 years of age or older.

    Dinner: Each ticket will entitle you to one 6oz sirloin steak cut from our local butcher grilled the way you like it, with a choice of baked potato or fries and a salad with your choice of dressing. Chicken dinner or vegetarian pasta is also available.

    Cost: The tickets are $20.00 each (recommended). (May increase next year if food supplier increases their price) The next day after the event we will count how many tickets have been collected and we will contact you to arrange a time to meet and settle the account. For every ticket sold $9.00 goes towards your fundraising cause and $11.00 goes towards food and labour cost.

    Extras: Some events in the past have created a silent auction with goods donated from other businesses. We can set up a table for you. I hope this information is helpful in making your decision. If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail me back."

  • So of no one is opposed, @Bradley-Maker, @KillwithKindness, @Pierre, and myself figure we can sell most of the 60 tickets in a week (which is when we have to give final numbers). We also don’t think it is necessary to have an auction at this one, as Halloween is a top priority. I can inquire about dates for February as well, where we can go all out.

    If we sell all 60 tickets we will make $540 for very little effort!

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    Tickets are here!

    If we sell out for the first seating (5pm-7pm), I can get tickets for the second seating, but we only have until next Thursday to sell! However, we will have them for available for purchase on Friday during Culture days, so they may sell quicker than we think.

    Tickets are $20 each, gratuity NOT included so please make sure everybody knows this. We can take cash or people can eTransfer to as long as they make sure to attach a memo stating what it is for (otherwise @Grant-Fraser will beat us)!

  • Saw talk of dates for this fundraiser. We would love to join but October 8th is Thanksgiving…

  • oops

  • Oct 28 is my bday :)

  • Mine too!


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    How many tickets are left?

  • @Chainmaildave many. I don’t know what has been sold by others but we still have lots of room for more.

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    @Chainmaildave we have about 30 left by my calculation, plus the other 60 seating at 7pm. Final numbers have to be in tomorrow!

  • Anybody who has tickets, please let me know how many you have unsold by 6pm so I can email Duffys!