Got hologram?

  • Is the future soon? I am a huge fan of optical illusions. Back to blowing minds again. Muhahahaha!


  • So. I started on a project. It’s a bit different then the smart phone holograms. I made a quick prototype as proof of concept. I would say its more of an illusion then a hologram but who’s counting.

  • This looks better in person. A 3d image you can almost touch. This is my rapid prototype.

  • More cool things.

  • I guess I should repost my project soon. Seeing I made an enclosure for it. I might pick a different monitor for it so I can hook up chrome cast to it. I still like the idea of playing games on it. I have been wanting to do more with it. Add a gesture sensor or something to be able to interact with the hologram. Maybe even 3d scan something. So many cool things can be done with it.

  • Design Lab

    @Ron_Ron this is an awesome build @Ron_Ron - lets figure out a good spot for display. This is top-shelf eye candy. Good work re: Art in the Dark!

  • Classroom

    @Ron_Ron, I have a hackable xbox 360 to donate to this project for the gaming aspect, if you think it could help. I would like to see this set up somewhere people can play it every hack night. I am really missing @derpko’s arcade cabinet.

    I have been getting feedback from some people that the space is seeming to go in a more art oriented way lately. I think some people are feeling a bit put off. The work that has gone into getting the clay space up and running has taken over a lot of the administrative capacity, but seeing that this project is essentially delivered (thanks @Vaughn and ClaySpaceer’s!), and represents an incredible new capacity for the Makerspace, I am looking forward to seeing more of a technical focus in the coming months. And trying to incorporate the technical aspects of what we do to the second floor. @Ron_Ron, your work and collaborations are a great example of this succeeding already!

    Projects like this represent a great opportunity to engage people in developing a bunch of great skills, in a really interesting projects, that should have an incredible final product.

    Thanks for your help with the Arduino work for BCLC, and the support you have given me in developing materials for other purposes. I look forward to hosting a couple of Arduino workshops for the membership in the coming months, and I hope it will work with your schedule to coordinate on these.

    To anyone who feels that the focus has shifted at the Kamloops Makerspace, I would say that our makerspace is what we make it. I am happy to coordinate with anyone who has an idea to host a workshop, and isn’t quite sure where to get started.

    Thanks @Ron_Ron, thanks all!

  • @kile Sure! A xbox 360 sounds good to me. I can always make a second one. I really like the idea of having one for chrome cast and a second one for games!

    I would have to say the hardest part is to document projects and post it on the forum.

    Also @kile I have ordered a bunch of nanos for a few workshops.

    P.S. I almost have all the parts for a bar top arcade arcade cabinet. I just need to make the enclosure for it.

  • Classroom

    @Ron_Ron this sounds awesome!

    As far as documentation, I want to get the KM youtube channel revived, I think it might be a fun and easy way to document and share some work, and provide great exposure for the space at the same time.

    I’ll bring in the xbox soon, and look forward to chatting with you about some workshops.

  • THis worked out well
    0_1511626722373_Ron1 335.JPG

  • Side view.
    0_1511626742429_Ron1 336.JPG

  • I started working on my second generation of the holobox. I should call it something like TNT because it blows minds like no tomorrow. Just after the first holobox I had a few ideas and one of them was this iteration. To make it wifi like chromecast but able to connect devices right to it. Via smartphone, tablet, laptop computer… I had to use a different lens for it. Non of the less I am just playing and seeing where I can take this technology. Down the road I wish to make my own 3d models from 3d scanning, and have gesture sensor so you can navigate or move models. Who knows. Maybe I might add a camera to it.

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