Building heat

  • We cant hold out any longer. It’s time to turn on the heat. Windows need to be screwed shut and plastic put up. Vapour barrier and packing tape is most economical. Its not as clear as window film but its much more durable.

    I don’t think we have time to change the pressure regulating valve so we will have to do the double ended hose method to charge the system. As long as we don’t spring a leak it only needs to be done once a year.

    I will be available on Saturday and will need an assistant with bleeding the air out of the system.

  • I was already going to go get the supplies for the windows on Saturday. and Pierre and I, perhaps Megan, can bee at the Space to assist you.

    Do you know what time you will be available because Pierre can help I think.

  • @KillwithKindness not before noon. More likely early afternoon.

  • Ok, sounds good. I have let Megan know when we need to be there.

  • The boiler is up and running ahead of the plastic being in the windows. Heat is expensive so we need that done. Some of the windows on the second floor appear closed but need to be screwed shut. Before adding plastic give the window a little shove to see if it stays closed.

    The thermostat is set to 70f (21c). Google says room temperature is about 23c. Every room will be at a different temperature. It’s really hard to balance the heat. Please don’t tamper with the thermostat. We spend thousands of dollars just on heat and we can’t afford to have someone crank the heat up. T-shirt weather is over. Long sleeves are now the fashion.

  • @pierre and I will be in shortly to start work on the plastic. @Bradley-Maker told me last night that he would be in today but I am not sure when. And Cory also offered to come in and help with his son. Pierre and I will do our best to get it done before dinner tonight.

  • Thanks @KillwithKindness @Grant-Fraser @ColeVanD @Nicholas @Bradley-Maker for helping with the windows… We got downstairs almost hacked together with plastic and packing tape. @Bradley-Maker has made one wooden frame and mounted the plastic in a window up in the wood shop… Corey (I don’t think he has a forum handle, but the large red-haired guy who likes to come in and play with dolls…) supplied us with plenty of recycled bed slats to make frames out of, so we can make relatively permanent window insulating units that can be re-used from year to year without incurring expenses for more plastic every year.

    We are trying to cut the plastic several inches oversized so as time permits, we can make up frames one window at a time and just pull the plastic down, mount it to the frame and put it back up. Corey says he should be able to supply recycled foam to use to make the frames compliant to seal around the windows well.

    Meanwhile I’m frantically google searching to figure out if any types of mattress are made from laser-safe foam :) So far no good though, memory foam is polyurethane, which outgasses prussic acid (cyanide) We don’t like that in our machines (or lungs) at all.

  • Thanks again @megan-fenkhuber, Jason, @ColeVanD, @Bradley-Maker and @n0pe

    We got the other windows done, except for the following:

    • one behind the Freemont sign in the Design lab (Waiting for @Vaughn to move the sign, because it has a “Do not Touch” tag on it… Plastic is cut, but we did not want to fuck up a work in progress.) We can tape that one up pretty quick.

    • The Kiln room window has no plastic on it yet, but we opted to wait until we can build a frame for that one, because getting in and out to tape it up with a ladder is higher risk. Besides, we can always close the door and fire up the kiln if it gets too cold in there.

    • All the windows in the wood shop. @Bradley-Maker is prototyping the wooden frames in there.

  • I came in to find the building thermostat set to 70 degrees. Toasty warm. Normally the thermostat is set to 66 degrees. We spent $6000 last year on heat and we can’t afford to heat an uninsulated building with nobody in it. Please don’t tamper with the thermostat

  • Maybe we could set the heat to 68 degrees so it isn’t uncomfortable in the colder weather. It does make a difference in how even the heat is distributed

  • Design Lab

    @Grant-Fraser isnt the thermostat in a lockbox?

  • @Vaughn the space is has many people capable of bypassing the lock

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