Members Meeting Tuesday October 10 - 6:30PM

  • Director

    Proposed Agenda items here please!.

    6:30 - TRUSU Presentation

  • For @Bradley-Maker: Update on the windows/building repair.

    Shop coordinator meeting for Monday October 16th, 7pm. @Ron_Ron, @Chainmaildave, @pierre, @Bradley-Maker, @kile, @Vaughn, @amanda_e / @Janet and @megan-fenkhuber

    Agenda for the Monday meeting from @Bradley-Maker

    1. Winterizing
    • I want to have a list of what needs doing fall and spring in each space as the seasons change
    • Each coordinator should check over there space to make sure it’s buttoned up and make a list of anything yet to be done. It would be great if that can get done before the meeting and i’ll compile a list.
    1. Usage guidelines for each space.
    • We want to have a manual for each space to guide members.
    • Storage guidelines for tools, materials, and member storage.
    • Waste guidelines.
    • Consumables in the space and how are they accounted for.
    • Regular maintenance items.
    • I’ll have a template ready in some digital form, I’m still fleshing it out on paper presently.
    1. Needs and wants lists.
    2. Signage needs.
    • Safety notices at tools.
    • Storage guidance.
    • These should be the important points from the usage guidelines posted around each room so users know how to use the space safely and efficiently.
    • Again, I will have a Google form that can be filled out for each sign.

  • Director

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