Shop Coordinator Meeting, Monday 16th/ 7pm

  • @Bradley-Maker is holding a shop Coordinator Meeting for next Monday. I am helping him get it set up and inform all coordinators. I believe I have tagged all coordinators with a forum account. I could not find one for Cheetie, not sure if she is on the forum?

    The following are the points @Bradley-Maker send to me that he would like to cover come the meeting. Please go over them.

    If for some reason a Coordinator can not make the meeting, please let us know. See if someone can stand in your place with the information you have already collected in regards to your shop(s). Or contact @Bradley-Maker to see about arranging another time to meet with him. We are all busy with work and life, totally understandable. But these topics are important.

    @KillwithKindness said:

    Shop coordinator meeting for Monday October 16th, 7pm.
    @Ron_Ron, @Chainmaildave, @pierre, @Bradley-Maker, @kile, @Vaughn, @amanda_e / @Janet and @megan-fenkhuber

    Agenda for the Monday meeting from @Bradley-Maker

    1. Winterizing
    • I want to have a list of what needs doing fall and spring in each space as the seasons change
    • Each coordinator should check over there space to make sure it’s buttoned up and make a list of anything yet to be done. It would be great if that can get done before the meeting and I’ll compile a list.
    1. Usage guidelines for each space.
    • We want to have a manual for each space to guide members.
    • Storage guidelines for tools, materials, and member storage.
    • Waste guidelines.
    • Consumables in the space and how are they accounted for.
    • Regular maintenance items.
    • I’ll have a template ready in some digital form, I’m still fleshing it out on paper presently.
    1. Needs and wants lists.
    2. Signage needs.
    • Safety notices at tools.
    • Storage guidance.
    • These should be the important points from the usage guidelines posted around each room so users know how to use the space safely and efficiently.
    • Again, I will have a Google form that can be filled out for each sign.

  • Design Lab

    I cant make this unfortunately but will work down the list above for the design lab when the dust settles for me a bit.

    Thank you for coordinating this.

  • Thank you for letting us know @Vaughn. Take your time.

    Just a reminder to everyone else the meeting is tonight. 7pm.

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