Haunted House Planning Meeting Thursday October 19th, 6:30PM

  • Hopefully anybody who is planning in participating in this years Haunted House is available to attend this very important meeting. Here we will discuss what is expected for volunteers for the duration of the event, basic layout of the House, and other miscellaneous information.

    In order to run a successful house, we anticipate needing a minimum of 20 volunteers each day. We are meeting with the TRU volunteers on Tuesday so we should have a good idea of what we need for numbers.



    • Wednesday October 25 8AM-11PM
    • Thursday October 26th 8AM-11PM
    • Friday October 27th 8AM-4PM (finishing touches)

    Scarers/Tour Guides/Runners/etc.
    (Friday October 27th, Saturday October 28th, & Sunday October 29th):

    • Make-up 2PM-5:15PM @Makerspace
    • Places NO LATER than 5:30PM @Old Courthouse for final directions
    • Open to the public 6-9PM
    • Clean and reset 9PM-10PM


    • Sunday Night 9PM-11PM
    • Monday October 30th 8AM-11PM (may not go the whole time if we get it done)

  • We’re not listed in spookloops. https://www.tourismkamloops.com/events/spookloops-halloween-in-kamloops/
    Which of those nights is reserved for TRU students?

  • Friday and Sunday is $5 for the public and free for TRU students. Saturday is TRU students only and they can bring a guest with food bank donation. Also, Friday and Sunday is 6-9 and Saturday is 7-9 (but Gillian expects it will run until 10).

  • Hey, @amanda or @Kimberely can you mobilize the KIC propaganda machine for this? We are trying to get the word out…

  • @pierre Hey Bud. Sign me up for setup help on Wednesday night as well as scaring on Sat and Sun :)

  • @pierre UPDATE! I have 3 scarers (potentially a 4th, but he is not confirmed) lined up for Saturday and Sunday. Are we to come for make-up right at 2PM or is there time slots?

    Also, I will come to help setup the house on Wednesday and Thursday nights (I’ll head over around 6PM).

  • 3D


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