Filament order

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    This is our filament order from seacans. It’s all here. I don’t see need to unwrap anything before using it.

  • Next order I would suggest clear red, yellow, and transparent ABS. Think of all the tail lights we could print. :)

  • You could do interesting things like this! lolz

  • @pierre Would those be Stinger hollow point rounds good sir?!

    As for printing PolyCarbonate, is there a plan for a printer enclosure ? Without stabilizing (and increasing) the print volume temperature, printing PC will be VERY challenging!!
    Also, do we have an all-metal hot-end? That will be needed as well.

    Here’s some PolyCarbonate info I collected as well as an interesting alternative; ASA.

    Polycarbonate (PC)
    VERY Strong
    Very cheap
    Good print Quality
    Prints warp very easily if your not careful
    Requires a printer enclosure
    Requires an all metal hot end due to very high temperatures
    Filament will degrade in the nozzle if printed too slowly
    “Racid” smell when printing
    Generic PC

    295C Head, 110C bed (w/ glue stick)
    Print Quality 16/20 (poor details & bridging)
    Strength: 87KG (with enclosure, 76KG without)

    Tips on Getting PC Prints Right

    -Industrial UV resistant replacement for ABS
    Does NOT SHRINK !!!
    UV resistant
    excellent print quality
    An excellent replacement for ABS and PET
    Very high print & bed temps
    ASA from

    255C Head, 100C bed, 20% fan
    Print Quality 19/20
    Strength: 44.5KG @ 255C

    Tips on Getting ASA Prints Right

  • And now of course it’s having a sale

  • The other order showed up at my desk today, but I was running late and did not have time to run it to the space. I’ll get it in tomorrow or on the weekend. Guess we should get started on putting together that multimaterial kit, huh?

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