Laser Safety Glasses

  • Just wondering if there are any pairs of laser safety glasses down at the space that would be good for 432-452nm beam.

  • No. The only pair of glasses that look like laser safety glasses I’ve seen there appear to be for use by bystanders during plasma cutting. None of the glasses I’ve been able to locate in the building recently are marked in any way to indicate that they are safe to use with any particular spectrum of laser radiation.

    It looks like you’re working with a blue diode in the visible spectrum, which at least means that you have blink-reflex working on your side… Our discussions on laser glasses have mostly focused on invisible IR, but we opted to not spend a bunch of money on glasses, since the laser cutter has a proper enclosure, and we do not operate it with the door open.

  • Bugger, that’s fair enough. I’ve got a couple OD 4 pairs coming in the mail. I was hoping to be able to fire it up the Laser asap as it’s ready to go, but looks like Canada post will have to deliver first. I’d rather be on the safe side of things when dealing with it.

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