Recent donation? Maybe?

  • There was a pile of “stuff” on the table in the metal shop and the hack room on Sunday. I’m hoping somebody will tell me it is a donation of some sort, because some of it looks super handy… Some quite nice ready rod, and a pile of door parts, including a better crash bar than the one we have on the wood shop fire escape, some mag-locks (that unfortunately work the wrong way for our doors, since we need the building to stay locked when the power goes out) that are super hackable, kick-plates for doors, and hydraulic closers…

    Anyway, if anyone can please speak up about that stuff, it’d help with decision making… If it stays there until I get back from my trip next week, I’m just going to assume it is a donation and start using it to fix things.

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    @pierre yes! That is all donation stuff that @Nicholas and I picked up from an ally. Nice stuff, eh? Have at it!

    Sorry for abandoning it there - after spending an evening Gathering it with nich I had to rush off on other emergencies. I will help sort it and digest it asap.

  • @Vaughn
    No worries. There is some awesome stuff in there. We need to come up with a system for marking new donations so that they get processed though. I had people on hand for Maker Monday that were willing to sort and store that stuff, but we were not sure that it was not an in-progress repair project :)

    @Ron_Ron thinks the crash bar might be reserved for the front door?

  • The crash bar will be for the door. Sorry, I did not get the donations away it was quite sudden. I grabbed some door closers for you @pierre as we discussed a project you would like them for. There is also some of my stuff beside the laser I will pick up ASAP.

  • @Nicholas thanks for the heads up. I’ll refrain from hacking the really cool looking jack type things by the laser

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