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    Hi Everyone,

    Please see the email request below that was sent to the info box. BCLC is looking for volunteers to do a mentor lunch next week.

    I will add this to the agenda for the members meeting tonight, and hope to respond to Corrie tomorrow sometime.


    Hey Makers!

    We are calling for Mentors for the Discover the World of Info Tech event which will be held over 2 days this year, November 21st and 22nd, 2017 at the Henry Grube Education Centre in Kamloops BC.

    The Discover the World of Info Tech event is a hands-on workshop, for students grades 8 - 10, which focuses on the benefits of a career in Information Technology. This event aims to encourage students to enroll in math, science, and technology subjects and develop a positive perception and appreciation for careers in technology.

    This event is hoping to connect with students who might not have previously considered a career in IT and inspire them to consider the field in their future.

    Part of each day will be spent having lunch with mentors - people who are currently working with technology - and have the opportunity to ask them questions about their job, their life, and the ups and downs.

    This is where you come in! We’re hoping to get at least 34 mentors for lunch (12-1pm) on both days.

    If you think this is something you would be interested in – sharing what you do and what you enjoy about IT with high school students, please get in touch with Corrie Tucker at BCLC indicate your interest below ASAP

    If interested, also please indicate which day you would be interested on mentoring for the 21st or the 22nd or both!

    Please pass this along to any colleagues or friends you think would be interested in this!

    Thank you!

    Corrie Tucker
    Solutions Architect
    Architecture and Emerging Technologies, BCLC
    74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops B.C. V2C 1E2

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    I can do Tuesday November 21, 12-1pm

    @Nicholas might be into this one, as well - not sure if he is monitoring the Forum?

  • I have Tuesday and Wednesday off work so I can come for support too

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    Okay, so far we have:

    Tuesday Nov 21           Wednesday Nov 22
    @megan-fenkhuber @megan-fenkhuber
    @Nicholas @Nicholas
    @Ron_Ron @kile
    @pierre @pierre

    and I might try to swing Wednesday as well, not sure yet, the week is really stacking up though.

    and in my attempt to beat everyone over the head with Markdown Take THIS!

    Tuesday Nov 21          |Wednesday Nov 22
    @megan-fenkhuber | @megan-fenkhuber
    @Nicholas | @Nicholas
    @Ron_Ron | @kile
    @pierre | @pierre
    @Vaughn |
    All the red text is what I actually typed to format the simple two column table, If I wanted another column, I could just insert another |- at the end of each line. Each &nbsp inserts a space into the table header because otherwise the text runs together (I just copy one and paste it a bunch into the header until it looks right in the preview) . Markdown ignores spaces.

    Late-comers, please email me!

    [email me!](mailto:kile@kamloopsmakerspace.com)

    OMG - – — – - That actually worked! - – — – - I LOVE Markdown

    **_OMG_** - -- --- -- - That actually worked! - -- --- -- - **I _LOVE_ Markdown**

    @kile: corrected dates in table
    @kile: added @Ron_Ron to table
    @kile: confirmed myself for wed and backed out for tues, added @pierre for both days
    @kile: corrected commented out markdown to match final table, grammar

  • I can do Tuesday November 21, 12-1pm

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    Awesome guys thanks for volunteering! I will send int the list as per the table above, if anyone else wants to get in on the action, please email me. There was a lot of people in for Tuesday, so I flipped to wednesday, 5 tuesday and 4 wednesday is an excellent showing given the short notice. Another 9 hours of direct mentoring, another reason to love your friendly neighbourhood Makerspace!

    Thanks to:
    @megan-fenkhuber , @Nicholas , @Ron_Ron , @myself@, @pierre , and @Vaughn
    for stepping up!

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    Hey folks, please read the information below. It comes from an email from Corrie at BCLC. Thanks again volunteers!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for agreeing to be a mentor for DWIT next week, November 21 and 22.

    Our location for this event is the Henry Grube Education Centre at 245 Kitchener Crescent, if you need directions, let me know!

    The lunch will start at 12:00, please try to arrange to be there at 11:45am if you can.

    This is a catered lunch by Taco Del Mar – if you don’t like tacos you might want to bring a bagged lunch!

    When you arrive you will be given a name tag, we are aiming to have at least one mentor per table, if there are enough we can have two per table, so spread out!

    We will have the mentors rotate tables at timed intervals, which means our MC will announce its time to switch, and you will need to stand up and go join the next table.

    The idea surrounding the mentor lunch is to provide the students with opportunity to ask relevant questions about you, your path (education, training, and past experiences), your job, etc.

    More likely you will need to actively involve yourself in their conversation – ask them questions about what they experienced that morning at the workshop, what they want to pursue after high school – and even if it is unrelated to IT, feel free to talk about the math, science, or IT related careers in the same area. As an example, if someone says they want to be an actor you can say something like, “That’s cool – stage or screen? Did you see the amazing CGI in this movie, or, can you imagine the amount of tech in a theatre nowadays?”

    Also, be prepared to handle questions about personal topics like your salary, whether you ever failed at school, or whether you illegally download media…

    We are asking mentors to fill out a bio-board, I’ve attached a template. Update this with your info and picture. If this doesn’t happen , no worries. These are just for fun - they hang on the wall, and the students will have a questionnaire to take with questions about some of the bios.

    I have a few from past years, if you have filled one out previously let me know and I can see if it’s in my collection and send it to you!

    Thank you, any questions, let me know!

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    Here is the bio-board template for those who wish to complete it.


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    And a pdf as well.

    I will send Corrie the list of names, if anyone wants to do the bio-board, then email me and I will put you in touch.


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    If everyone could let me know what they want for company name on their name tags, that would be great as well.

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    @kile kamloops makerspace should be default company name?

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    @Vaughn, that makes sense as the default for sure. I’m guessing @pierre will want to rep iTel (they are paying him to go). I put TRU as that is where IT technology fits into my professional work. I wasn’t sure if you would want 'Self employed artist/graphic designer` or something cause that sounds pretty cool.

    Unless I hear differently I will put Kamloops Makerspace for default, and I think I will probably change mine to ‘Kamloops Makerspace/TRU’.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

  • @kile kamloops makerspace /Entrepreneur

  • First day today!

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    This was really good today - me, @megan-fenkhuber @Ron_Ron @Nicholas @pierre (thank you all) promo’d the makerspace to 100’s of young tech-interested people. And enjoyed lunch.

    They asked us to participate more next year; we could have a table of demos and run a few presentations in our fields. Very good set-up and prime for promoting the Space to young people and families.

    I’d like to aim for presenters to be paid an honorarium for a quality presentation. Thoughts on that?

    The roster of what Kamloops Makerspace is ‘committed’ to yearly is getting a bit full; something to think about; maybe we should look at the whole oncoming year and specify what we are committing to.

  • Mark this event on the calendar. Maybe we could even do some kits.

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