Agenda and notes for the next board meeting: April 9th

  • @Bishop is going to look at a place for us tomorrow afternoon and we don’t have any other place lined up for tomorrow (Thursday). So it looks like we are going to have our board meeting after all. I’ll start the agenda:

    • @Bishop will tell us what the place looked like
    • Aras will give a brief summary of the innovation consultancy today and how makerspace was received
    • Form a team of organizers to kickstart our initiative for the Kamloops Makerfest in July
    • Sign up for the next opening to present makerspace to city council:
    • Make a list and plan to approach potential sponsors that may help us with either rent or the makerfest

    Let me know if you want anything added. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there tomorrow.

    @Founder @Chainmaildave @hdsheena

  • Sorry last minute change of plans again! We have an appointment to go look at this place tonight:

    so no meeting at red beard tonight!

    @hdsheena @Chainmaildave

  • Founder

    Informal Meeting notes: April 9 2015

    The Space on Halston

    • We looked at a (1350 sqft) space this evening, and had an informal meeting in the parking lot after
    • 1140 Halston ave, between chances and ford dealer, part of a larger complex
    • $775 /month + Utilities, taxes, around $1400 per month
    • Ample parking, good outdoor space, garage door, double doors to side yard, good exposure on main road, won’t find much cheaper than this
    • Best space we have seen so far

    Discussion of Lease prereqs, finances

    • We need money
    • We need a business plan
    • Discussion of how much we should have in the bank before

    Fund-raising General

    • We need money.
    • @Nicholas suggests we have 2-3 months rent + damage deposit before renting anything
    • We all feel that a space would help build our momentum
    • @Nicholas @meagan are feeling conservative, we should have money in the bank, @Bishop is ready to dive in, figures money will not be an issue once we are in a space, Brad and Aras fall somewhere in the middle.
    • @meagan suggests social event, fundraiser dinner, @Nicholas will talk to a friend about organizing
    • @Bishop has a potential small contract fixing some gear through work, he will pursue
    • @Bishop will also talk to a contact in aviation about sponsorship
    • We need a business plan
    • Discussion of how we can fundraise more effectively within our community
    • We will do some experiments with what we charge for workshops
    • Discussion of taking donations instead of charging a fee
    • All agree that workshops are a good potential revenue stream to help us get into a space
    • Board agrees to pay our keyholder fee starting this month (or was it next month?)
    • @Nicholas paid for @meagan’s sandwhich and put the payback straight into the account!

    Fund-raiser Dinner

    • We are planning a fundraiser social
    • Should be around 2 months away
    • Make some money off of the food/admission
    • Silent auction, door prizes
    • @Nicholas will talk to his friend about hosting/organizing


    • @Bishop printed off the application package for us all to look over
    • @Bishop figures we are well qualified to apply
    • Grant is a rolling grant that is always accepting apps and awarding grants, we can apply anytime
    • Board will review the app and discuss next week

    Action Items

    *@Nicholas will contact his friend about a fundraiser

    • Brad will begin fleshing out a business plan (I decided that on the drive home)
    • Meagan will contact…I think it was Colin at VK right?
    • @Bishop has a couple of fundraising/sponsorship contacts to talk with, including the potential contract to fix the remote camera

    I hope I remembered it all. I think that about does it. Anybody feel free to adjust or add things I missed as this was all from memory…

  • @Bradley-Maker good memory! Thanks for the notes. I made a couple of small adjustments to it.

    By the way, I started creating a new thread for each meeting since this thread was getting too long. If you like, feel free to move this as a reply into its own thread here:

  • Apparently Brad has a photographic memory we didn’t know about. 😳 you even got the part about the sandwich contribution! Nice work.

  • I am not sure this is the right place to post this, but we have done custom engraved Lego blocks and various on site engraved items at all sorts of events and we (calgarys maker space) usually get up to 500$ each event when we charge 2$ each item.

    I am willing to loan my sherline 1100 Cnc mill to Kamloops to help fund raising. When I come up (month ish), if people are interested, I will teach a cambam / Mach 3 class and get some people trained up on the mill.

    If that’s of interest, let me know. And sorry if too off topic.

  • That’s a kind gesture Trunner. I’m surprised you make that much money engraving objects, good to know. I have a Seig X2 mill converted to CNC, not as easy to move around as a sherline but if we stood to make a few bucks I would move it for sure. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure a Cambam/Mach3 course and the chance to play around with a CNC mill would interest a lot of folks.

  • No worries, I just moved this discussion to its dedicated thread so it is easier to keep track of it.

    @trunner I think some sort of engraving workshop would be awesome. We should definitely do this for the makerfest in July as well. A few years ago when I went to Vancouver mini makerfair with Victoria Makerspace, we did laser engraving on anodized aluminium dog tags for people and collected donations. I don’t remember how much we made, but it was a lot of fun anyway. We definitely need a few volunteers to run the machine since it can be slow and you quickly get people lined up for it and some just don’t have the patience to stick around. It would be perfect if we had two or three machines running in parallel.

  • Perfect, when I come for a visit, I will bring it with. We can talk about details when I come up.

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