Lounge Cleanup and Upgrades

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    Hello Makers: I cleaned up the Lounge, put away all tools and materials, sent a box of stuff up to the Craftorium, refiled the many loose tools and stuff and generally did a number on it for Laser 101 tonight. Looks good - thanks to everyone who chips away at keeping it presentable yet productive.

    Other thoughts:

    There is talk about moving the books to the Classroom and putting an easy chair with symphonic sound and VR glasses in the corner where the bookshelf wont be. Also a place to relax and surf or read. Any thoughts on that?

    A Makerspace phone in the Lounge is coming (local calls only) and the number will be posted on our contacts so we have a phone we can answer. I dont think it should have an answering machine. We either answer or they can send an email?

    Also, the Lounge could use more display surfaces for eye candy and even a paint job.

    Better lighting (non-florescent would be nice) and a sound system?

    Restore the tin pan ceiling?

  • Member

    The space above the drop ceiling represents a significant volume to heat and opening that up would be reflected in our bill

  • It would be an enormous amount of work to deal with the ceiling. The kitchen, lounge, hack room, offices are all one room. We would have just one corner of the ceiling in the lounge. Just getting a 2’x4’ led light would cost $140 each. Paint sounds great. The colour in the lounge is depressing.

  • Design Lab

    Id love to see an arcade cabinet in the corner - Bubble Bobble, Joust, Defender…

  • Classroom

    My personal feeling is that the furniture in there is the biggest issue in the space.

    The tables are functional, but they are not comfortable, configureable, or inviting in my opinion.

    I am guilty of offering criticism without a useful suggestion here, but in an ideal world, I think it might be better to have something more flexible.

    I don’t think people use the benches as much as they would chairs.

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