2nd Annual Special Member's Meeting Tues Dec 12 5-8pm

  • Design Lab

    I’d like to propose we hold a Special Members Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 12 5-8 pm featuring a meal, brainstorm and renewal of our vision for 2018.

    We have achieved a lot of the goals and intentions we set at last Decembers special planning meeting - lets gather the threads again and set off into 2018 with a plan that ups the Space and meets Members needs.

    Also a chance to thank our Members for their efforts - an unbelievable amount of work has been done here by a long list of committed Members and they deserve cake, pronto!

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, I love the idea.

    It is unbelievable the progress we have made on the visioning set out at that meeting, and I feel like we are way further than we ever thought we would be.

    The momentum we have right now is incredible, and if we can engage the membership and focus/prioritize our efforts, and identify what people are excited to participate in building in the next year, then the results could be truly mindbending.

    Thanks for posting this!

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