Laser ventilation fan whining

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    The air fan on the laser has developed a high pitched whine when running. Not sure what is causing it but it should be looked at.

  • I noticed a high pitched noise on friday night as well when I initially started up the fan but it went away in less than a minute. I figured it was just taking a little longer to warm up after being colder than normal.

  • 3D

    I didn’t hear the noise but I did change the filter. There are 2 new filters left by the ventilation system.

  • Guess I know where to start Monday night… I was planning on unboxing a multi material kit…

  • @Beth did you happen to note the hour meter reading when you changed the filter? I’m trying to figure out how often we need to change them, so if we upgrade anything we can measure the differences

  • 3D

    @pierre Sadly, I did not note the hours. I thought about it after writing down the date but the laser was running again by then. You need the key to get into where the meter is? It probably ran an hour or so tonight between the filter change and when I left.

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