Highest best use, or "hacking" is not "destroying"

  • A few weeks ago we had gone through the laptops on hand and made five of the best ones work. A short time later they were all destroyed. It’s disappointing when something that is perfectly usable gets ruined. Hacking is when you take something that doesn’t work and make it into something useful or when you take parts of things to make another project. Hacking is not just dismantling a laptop and throwing the parts in a bin. Its certainly not stabbing the screen with a screwdriver. Nothing gets learned from merely destroying something. I might suggest some simple guidelines for people who just want to take things apart.

    1. check to see if it’s working. If it is working it should stay working. Anybody can take something apart. Can you figure out how to take it apart without damaging it? Can you put it back together? Will it work when you do? If it stops working can you figure out how to fix it? Its just a matter of looking at what you did and trying to retrace your steps.

    2. If it isn’t working see if you can diagnose why. Is there a way to make it work again? If it isn’t fixable can any of the parts be salvaged?

    The highest best use for those laptops was as laptops. not as a pile of scrap.

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    @Grant-Fraser This is just depressing.

  • Design Lab

    I happened to be on hand when one of the laptops was being smashed with a hammer and I put a stop to it with the suggestion it wasn’t acceptable. I don’t know if it was a functional laptop or one out of the junk bin.

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