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    It has been identified that a package of information be provided to new members, that provides basic information to get them started. I imagine that this doc would be emailed to them as part of their sign-up follow through (ie automated). There would also be hard copies available in the lounge.

    I am starting this thread to start roughing out a list of what that package should include - it will be an evolving work in progress as things develop, and can be updated periodically.

    Kamloops Makerspace New Members Package DRAFT:

    • A welcome message, which includes an invitation to attend and volunteer at Maker Monday and Hack Night.

    • Contact details (our address, website, phone, facebook page, forum info, Google Drive, access to Google calendar, Teams info), emergency contacts

    • A list of shops, coordinators, capabilities, etc.

    • A list of events we attend, fundraisers we do, etc

    • Safe Space Policy

    • Wishlist for donations

    • List of Sponsors, thanking them and encouraging Members to shop with them.

    • Social Media policy (especially encouraging sharing builds and photos of action at the Space - invitation to be an editor on facebook page and take on regular posts

    So thats a start

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    @Vaughn, awesome start. I have been working on a few of these pieces.

    I think that with a Sharepoint Communication Site we can tie everything in the second bullet into one location online, that will continue to update in a dynamic way as things are updated in each of the areas.

    There are a few pieces that weren’t on my radar, but that totally make sense. I’ll use this framework to summarize and present what I have been working on for the next board meeting, and we can go from there.

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling here!

  • @Vaughn this is a great idea.

    I recommend a portion dedicated to safety - tips, regulations, suggestions and the location of PPE around the space

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