• This is an introduction thread where people can make a post to introduce themselves to the rest of the community.

    My name is Dave Hylands. I’m a software developer by profession, and I currently work for Mozilla on FirefoxOS.

    I’m keenly interested in robotics, and all of the side-disciplines associated with that, like electronics, metal-working, wood-working, and recently, 3D-printing.

    You can follow most of what I’m doing by taking a look at my website: and more recently I’ve started a blog:

    My background is Digital Systems Design, and I’ve been programming with embedded systems of one type or another for most of my career.

    My favorite operating system is Linux.

  • Ah sure I’ll bite.

    My name’s Alex Bruce. I’m a jr software dev working at the KIC on a project called “Spire”.

    Software engineering is my area of interest, toy and non-toy languages. I know how to work non-linear video editors and graphical 3d software, so virtual effects are a passtime of mine as well.

    I am all the negative things that are associated with people who use Arch Linux.

    I wear a noggin wrap.

  • Hello! My name is Amanda and I am the Client Engagement and Communications Officer for Kamloops Innovation, also known as KIC in short. In a nutshell, I’m the event coordinator and social media marketer for KIC - I am helping with some of the maker events coming up. If you have any ideas for new events or feedback from the ones we have had already please give me a shout :)

  • Hello. I’m Kimberely. I’m the Ops Mgr at Kamloops Innovation. This is my KI page. In my spare time, I’m the Treasurer of the Kamloops Arts Council, Co-Founder of 11 Studio West Fine Art Society, a Director of the Snowflakes Theatre Society, a Member of the Kamloops Players, and a past Chair of the Kamloops Arts Commission. I conduct oil painting classes sometimes, am learning pottery and am involved in several immersive theatre projects (coming soon!) I’ve always loved the mash of art and technology and can’t wait to see MODLAB happen in Kamloops!

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Chris Foster! I’m a Bachelor of Computing Science Student at Thompson Rivers University, but I also work part time at MemoryLeaf Media based out of the Kamloops Innovation Centre. I’m president of the TRUSU Computer Science Club and I help out with local events like Kamloops.js and Startup Weekend Kamloops. I’m passionate about all sorts of technology and love learning about new things!

    Hope to see everyone around!

  • Linux

    Hi everybody,

    My name is Chris Newton. I have always liked to tinker … these days I am spending a lot of time making with my kids. We have been playing with 3D printers over the last year and in the new year hope to start looking at robotics. If you are interested in some of our projects you can check out our blog at

    Thanks to Aras and all involved in launching this new site … it looks great!

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am Aras. Like many of you here, I also like to tinker and build things and I enjoy working on difficult and long term projects with others. Currently my biggest project is MODLAB itself. As you know we are trying to create the first makerspace in Kamloops. It is easily eating through all my spare time, but I have happily made it my personal mission to see this through. I can not wait until we have an active makerspace here in Kamloops.

    I am also your friendly moderator on this forum and I try to keep things tidy and organized. If you have any questions or comments about this site or the MODLAB initiative in general, that you can not post here, feel free to message me or send me an email.

    Thanks to Aras and all involved in launching this new site … it looks great!

    @Chris my pleasure! now we just need lots of content from makers like yourself! so don’t ever hesitate to document your projects here :)

  • Hi All,

    I’m Merlin and I work for a startup called Tintri based in sunny Mountain View California as a Senior Systems Engineer. I live in Kamloops and travel across Western Canada. I am also a Leader for the VMware User Group organization and also participate on board committees for community and leadership development inside the VMUG organization. When I am not living out of airports and airplanes you can find me hiding out at KIC. It is also very exciting to be part of MODLAB and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together!

    Thanks Aras for putting this community page together it looks great!!

  • Hey,

    I’m Jonathan. Startup community organizer, developer, and general tech enthusiast. I come to the odd hack night, I’m mostly interested in software projects or hardware projects with a strong software component.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Shawn. I have been collecting and messing around with metal working tools for the past 6-7 years. I recently converted a small vertical mill to cnc and have really been enjoying working with the CAD/CAM software. Electronics has always interested me but learning on my own has been a slow process. I’m looking forward to learning more and contributing where I can.

  • Wood

    Hi People!
    My name is Dennis, I really like the idea of a collaborative space to hack and create and share etc. I had the opportunity to spend some time at Maker Labs in Vancouver and loved the idea of it would love to be apart of a similar concept here in Kamloops. My background is mainly in general creation with steel and wood, with a keen interest in reclaimed materials. Looking forward to contributing.

  • Holder


    I’m Steve. I live in New Westminster and am a member of the Vancouver HackSpace (VHS). I’m a self employed IT/computer guy. I like electronics and making stuff. Recently finished building a Prusa i3 3D printer. I’ve also made a few electronic geocache puzzles with a fellow VHS member, a couple of which I’ve used for geocaches in the Lac Le Jeune area. I’m interested in seeing how Modlab progresses as I spend quite a few weekends up in the Kamloops area (Lac Le Jeune) and it would be great to have another space to visit.

  • My name is Meagan Mason. I’m an Engineering Tech by profession, I currently work as an Ops Manager at a small machine shop here in Kamloops. I spent the passed 10 years working as a designer for various manufacturing industries and have had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of manufacturing processes. I have a strong CAD background, my favourite programs are Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD but I have been recently playing around with some of the free versions of CAD Autodesk has to offer and they are fantastic!! In my free time I run my own 3D Printing/Design and Consulting business, I have an Ultimaker2 which I just love! Cura is my slicing program of choice but I also use meshmixer for certain designs. I have been holding Maker workshops and the library for a few months now and I have been trying to start up a makerspace here in Kamloops. So glad I found all of you! :)

  • Linux


    I’m Jason Wassing and I’m a web developer/IT manager/programmer by day, and have always had an interest in making and the maker culture in general. I like to make stuff - from mechanical objects, to electronics, to tools for making my hobbies easier, to rebuilding cars (1972 VW Beetle still apart in my garage).

    I have a hard time making it to hack night (unless the schedule has changed), but I would gladly help out in any way I could. I’m very interested in a shared maker space.

  • hello all . my name is garett .I have been building things since conscious memory . I am an apprentice electrician in salmon arm. I am most passionate about early hot rods and have been collecting parts for several over the years. I also love building rustic furniture . I will probably never get a chance to enjoy your makerspace but would be very happy to participate online

    xmas14 044.JPG

    3spring2 002 - Copy.JPG

  • Hello Everyone,
    My name is John Pallot, I was introduced to the Makerpace organization thanks to Aras, Shawn and Nicholas. I was present at the meeting to commandeer the space available, main floor, Kamloops Innovation Center. I absolutely love the idea of multiple open minds developing new technology.
    I am a businessman / artisan with an obsession to build. I am a musician, machinist, woodworker, draftsman and electrician. Plumbing, welding and sheet metal are some of my other talents, but not my strong points. I am originally from Kamloops where I took machining and computer assisted drafting at Caribou College in the early ‘80s. I moved to Calgary mid 80’s and pursued woodwork and 3 dimensional computer assisted drafting as a business. From projects like the Banff Springs Hotel, Ronald Reagan Courthouse in Las Angeles to Calgary International Airport to Calgary Courts Center, I have mass experience in the commercial millwork industry in Canada and U.S. I recently shut down a 15,000 square foot millwork plant in Strathmore Alberta, and am in the process of starting a marine business, specializing in older classic boats, and moving back to Kamloops.
    About 10 years ago, a technician and I converted an older 1990 analog millwork machine, known as an edgebander, to a digital controlled modern machine using a General Electric P.L.C. (programmable logical control) with infra red and ultrasonic sensors. The machine is working reliably to this date with no documented problems. I am a “hands on” old school tradesman when it comes to wood and metal, and more than willing to learn when it comes to electronics and automation. Some of my projects are available on I head back to Calgary February 7th to start a marine project. I will be removing an old stern drive from a 1987 26’ Bayliner Sunbridge and installing a new Mercruiser Bravo 3 counter rotational stern drive. Getting rid of the original 5.7 litre GM engine and building a 496 GM Stroker with aluminum Edlebrock marine heads, performer intake and thunder series 750 cfm carburetor. I want to post pictures on the makerspace site as I progress. My immediate personal project is a 1981 20’ Crestliner to receive a twin engine set up.20140106_105023.jpg 20150101_003014.jpg 024.jpg 032.jpg 017.jpg 20140715_112431.jpg 20140702_205934.jpg P1010046.jpg GRP5BSCPRT.jpg

  • Founder

    Welcome! It was nice to meet you at the meeting last week.

    Thanks for sharing a few of your makings. Nice little timber entry-way. I’ve made many an entryway more or less like that.

    But I have to say. The thing I am most envious of there, is your recording studio!

  • @Bradley-Maker to correct you, that is inside Perry’s Recording Studio here in Kamloops on Seymour.
    I did the consoles in oak for Doug Perry (owner-engineer) back in 1994.
    Here are a couple pictures of my home set up.20130725_133648.jpg 20130801_192107.jpg
    Pretty jam packed

  • Founder

    You can always tell its a photo of a bedroom studio; all gear, no actual room! It looks loud in there. Nice.

  • Hi,

    I am Cory Laybourne, aka @MrMoonshine1974 on twitter.

    I recently relocated to Kamloops from Campbell River where I owned a land based tour operation. I did not get enough customers this summer so had to close the business, then father came home and sold the house from underneath me. (I was a renter)

    I am a amateur cosplayer and have a full Mace Windu outfit. (still missing the Jango helmet to complete it)
    I started doing vacuum forming, and made a table based on the James Burton design. I use plywood to make my forms for masks and armour that I later form on the table.

    My background: well, I would have to put Tourism/Hospitality, Social Media, and Security.

  • Hello Everyone, My name is Ian Hadden, and I am a heavy duty mechanic from 100 mile house, who is in the middle of relocating to Kamloops. I operate a mobile equipment repair business, and do mostly mining work. I have a strong interest in electrical control systems,as well as anything else that can be built, fixed, taken apart, etc. semi- current project is an 8’ x 24" trommel for placer mining, with a 5hp electric motor & worm drive reduction box. Looking forward to being an active member of the community!

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