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    tl:dr — Please click this link to help me test a potential solution to collecting and managing data at the Kamloops Makerspace.

    Hey folks,

    It looks like that there may be an easy way to collect information from people, and manage the data in a very easy and controllable way, using tools from our Office 365 non-profit software package that comes along with our email.

    I know that in many peoples estimation, Microsoft is a prime candidate for the list of offensive works in the safe space policy, but they are actually providing a valuable service to the space by giving us free access to the O365 suite, which is an industry leading toolset for managing communications and collaborative work.

    One of the tools integrated in this package is the MS Forms application, which is very easy to set up. I have put together a quick ‘suggestion form’ in order to do a bit of testing. So far I am pretty impressed with the data flow, and the interface seems reasonable enough.

    This is a quick demo, and I haven’t really proofed it for spelling/grammar, what have you. The main intent here is to get a few people trying out the tool. If we feel that it is useful, it could be a really useful way to send out surveys and track other data.

    As an example, using Forms, Flows, and Sharepoint from the O365 package, we could set up the following workflow for tracking data around a workshop:

    1. At the workshop, the instructor records either the forum handle, or full name and email of the workshop participants, and

    2. afterwards, types these into a form

    3. The form automatically adds participants to the list of people having completed the workshop

    4. An email is automatically sent to participants with a link to a form they can use to provide feedback on the workshop

    5. The feedback is automatically recorded to a database (which could be cross referenced by workshops and instructors if desired)

    6. Part or all of the feedback form is automatically emailed to the instructor.

    This would take some time to set up, but the example illustrates some of the possibilities.

    We could come up with another workflow to hand the 3 forms that were identified for the Safe Space Policy.

    If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please test this sample suggestion form that I have mocked up, and provide feedback either here or via the form itself.


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    I can see a few people have been testing the form, thank you all!

    We already have some good suggestions coming in, and I am flagging these to keep and merge with the new data coming in, once I nuke the test data.

    I have made a few minor tweaks to the language on the questionnaire, any feedback would be welcome.

    One other thing that would be pretty quick and easy to add would be a question along the lines of: Is there a particular space your suggestion pertains to?, and a button for each of the shops. That could trigger an email directly to the shop coordinator as well as posting messages in Teams, and logging the data.

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    There is also an approval process, so we could set up a workflow along the lines of:

    1. A volunteer fills out a form to indicate that they did <#volunteerHours> in the <whateverShop>, and checks off <makerMondayBox> if this happened during a Maker Monday.

    2. If <makerMondayBox> is checked, an approval email is sent to <makerMondayCoordinator>
      else, the approval email is sent to <whateverShopCoordinator> for approval

    3. If approval is granted, the <#volunteerHours> are converted into <KamloopsMakerspacePrestigePoints>, which are added to the player’s member’s <prestigeTotal>
      else, a message is sent back to the member explaining why the hours were not approved, and if they should revise and resubmit or w/e

    4. For each approved submission check if the player’s member’s
      <prestigeTotal> is >= their <currentLevelPrestigeReq>
      and if it is, email them and tell them that they levelled up, and unlocked whatever <forumBadge>, <Tchotchke> or <rediculouslyLowTokenMembershipDiscount> applies for that level.
      Maybe the discounts could be calculated from the player’s member’s <prestigeIncreaseLastMonth> if we decided to offer — this is all a hypothetical to demonstrate a workflow that would be easy enough to setup using O365.

    Anyhow, this is just an example, which I think could encourage volunteering through offering incentives and gameifying the experience.

    I am aware that this workflow could probably be set up using node.js and the forum, or by using a bunch of other methods, but it would take me WAY longer to figure that out than to implement this with the free tools uncle Willy has donated to the space.

    Anyhow, food for thought…

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