Maker Monday, Novmeber 2017 Edition

  • Starting a new Maker Monday thread. I have been meaning to for a while and it was also brought up at the Members meeting last week as an example of threads that are difficult to search.

    So here it is.

    I am not sure if I am going to do one new thread per month, or if I will go with quarterly threads. I am terrible at actually remembering to make posts about Maker Monday so I don’t think the thread will get long quickly. Just gonna see how things go for now.

    So for tonight the tasks are as follows:

    • Maintenance on the Laser Cutter. (Find the reason for the high pitched whine in the ventilation system) @pierre has already said he will do this in the thread @Krankin made about the noise.
    • Fridge clean out (I have noticed in past weeks that the fridge is packed pretty full and has a smell to it. I have also had a few people mention there isn’t room when they come in for the day and bring a lunch. Anything that smell funny or looks off is going in the bin.)
    • Washrooms (Both, floors toilets and sinks)
    • Throw out tote full of water beside washing machine? (I saw this on the list for last week but I don’t believe it was completed.)
    • Sweep (And wash floors where needed) on Third floor (All rooms), Woodshop, stairs from third floor down (Including landings), Metalshop, Hallways, Hackroom, Lounge & Kitchen.
    • Garbage’s on all the floors, adding a few spare bags to the bottom of all cans.
    • Clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces. Wash dishes. (If time permits I would really like to move all the stuff off the coffee area of the counter and clean underneath.)

    And for dinner we will be having chicken pot pie. And likely some sort of wonderful pie for dessert as that has become a thing. lol

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  • Design Lab

    Awesome, Ashley! Thanks for keeping Maker Monday rolling…

    Ill add these to list:

    Tidy hackroom

    Sweep mudroom

    Build ‘fence’ in Fab Shop hall to contain materials (its been tidied up) @vaughn

    Clean laser cabinet

    Move books up to Classroom (book shelf now behind door)

    Display shelf for @Ron_Ron 's hologram projetor?

  • Classroom

    Thanks for splitting this thread out Ashley, I edited the post to add some tags, (these make it a lot easier to search the forum IMO).

    Thank you for your work in organizing this important Makerspace event every week!