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    As I promote membership in the Makerspace and sign people up, I often point out that we offer no-charge or reduced rates on workshops and 101’s for paid Members. This is a great selling point and I wondered if it would be possible to offer a minimum of two learning opportunities or workshops per month from Dec to June that was free for Members and $40 for non-members. This way, we are able to say that if you take the two free workshops per month, it pays your membership off.

    I have done Laser 101 x 3, Vinyl Cutting 101 x 2, Airbrushing 101 x 2, Vectors 101, Logo Design, Slot Construction, etc. These I offer free for members and $40 for non-members (and to be clear, I pocket the non-member payments), and they are a foundation way to get people signed up, oriented in the Space and rolling.

    My Laser 101 on Thursday night brought in 11 new memberships. Airbrush 101 is full of members - doing these mini-workshops is the KEY METHOD of driving new memberhips and therefore is critical to the success of the Kamloops Makerpsace.

    I intend to offer at least one of these workshops per month through to June - can we get others to commit to offering a workshop or two in the next 6 months that makes it possible to say we offer two free-for-members opportunities per month?

    Some ideas for 2 hour Thursday workshops (please suggest more in comments below):

    Quick clay /quick glaze @amanda_e @Janet @cheetie
    Laser 101 @Krankin @Torren @vaughn
    CNC 101 @arasbm @robert @toxuin
    3D printing 101 @ColeVanD @Grant-Fraser
    Arduino LEDs 101 @kile @Ron_Ron
    Sewing @megan-fenkhuber
    Costuming / Cosplay @megan-fenkhuber @amanda_e
    FIMO sculpting @KillwithKindness
    Automata 101 @lily
    ThermoForm 101 @Grant-Fraser
    Airbrushing Basics @vaughn
    Woodshop 101 @Bradley-Maker
    Chemistry @kile
    Metal Stuff! @pierre

    There are lots of hidden skills in our membership - I am sure there are dozens of other ideas for 2 hour intros that are so important for building membership and refining the Space. Comment below!

    Thank you.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, I’m up for hosting at least one Arduino workshop in December, and another in January (i’ll look at my calendar and pick dates soon Action Item.

    I am also working on some chemistry stuff, and have been talking with some people about doing some photography related workshops as well. I would like to have one or both of these ready for a trial run in Jan.

  • @Vaughn I can hop back onboard in the new year once my schedule settles down, and do some more of that laser stuff. Great idea you had to post followup materials/links to Facebook!

  • Design Lab

    @kile great! We’ve had multiple requests for Arduino - maybe a blinky ornament illumasomething?

    Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be the regular workshop nights, unless you were thinking of a weekend thing?

    We need to get an ad out soon - if you make a google calendar entry for the Dec workshop day and times, etc, Ill use that info to make an ad for facebook and post an event for it. Need a good image for the ad - if you have an image that works for your intended workshop, Ill use it for an ad.

    If 6-8 people were able to do one two-hour workshop every two months, we could easily fulfill the goal of “2 workshops per month that are free for members (materials may be extra) and $40 for non-members”. Being able to say that there are usually at least 2 free workshops per month (except in the summer) is a huge membership selling point and will drive new membership.

  • Design Lab

    @Torren awesome, man - thanks for volunteering.

    How does Thursday Jan 4 or Tuesday Jan 9 2018 for Laser 101 sound? There is already probably 4 to 6 people who are interested.

    I’m trying to get ahead of our advertising and schedule in the New Year so we have more lead and advertising time on this stuff!

  • @Vaughn Let’s do Laser 101 on Jan 4th.

  • Design Lab

    @kile can we set a date for this Arduino and post an ad? hoping to fill in the december roster…

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, I have a few schedule items still floating for December. I’ll see what I can do to get them pinned down.

  • Am I down for tentative paper craft? Circuit and gift boxes

  • I might do a a few workshops in the new year. Most of my workshops have to do with electronics, I am open to the idea to do paper crafts and art oriented workshops.

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