First project laser cut crochet hook storage

  • My first maker space project (in progress). A vertical box with live hinge (made from a template generator) and adapted with an extra piece to hold different size crochet hooks.

    It’s a bit yucked up from a lack of cleaning the soot after the lasering and a belt sander mistake. Hopefully nothing another bit of sanding won’t take off!

    Now working on the lid and hinges. Thanks @Vaughn for your ideas and assistance!

    Next design will have a better fit, additional inside plate to hold hooks, and probably a different lid design. Any ideas?

    undefined1_1511248282345_IMG_2996.JPG 0_1511248282341_IMG_2995.JPG

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    Sweet! A great first pass at this method.

    Id love to see the template generator you are mentioning - it could be included in the support docs for Laser 101.

  • Started a post here:

    The actual document I used is under my member folder called “crochet hook box 2” or something like that.

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