Paper Cutting - Cricut

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a Cricut machine at home, and I am willing to loan it to MakerSpace for use in the @Design-Lab lab, retaining ownership but making it available for everyone to use. This works like a very small vinyl cutter and was designed for scrapbooking and other primarily-paper applications. It doesn’t get as much use as it could at home. If there is interest, I could organized a demo one day and you guys could decide if you want it added to the space. This could also be of interest for @Craftorium visitors.

    I have several expansions that allow the user to cut different shapes, and I believe there are also ‘hackable’ solutions. I’ve had success in doing custom design by merging and editing shapes in the accompanying software. The machine can be used on it’s own with the small LCD screen or (preferably) with a computer.

    Consumables include blades, cutting mats, and of course the material (paper, light vinyl).

    I personally like to use it to make gift boxes, cards, or other 3-D paper objects. Some examples of my work here and here and here.

    Action shot.

    If this was of interest, I would also be willing to host a workshop on making paper gift boxes & tags. We could run this workshop out of the classroom/meeting room as a scrapbooker - oriented type event. Could be one of the twice-monthly workshops that @Vaughn is hoping to get scheduled.

  • @Kristen P.S. I should mention that these machines are quite popular in the crafting world, but expensive. This puts them out of reach for a lot of folks and a workshop on using one and access to use one may help draw people into the space. Until it breaks :laughing: in which case I’m sure we can hack 'er up!

  • Design Lab

    @Kristen sounds great - how does January 11th work for a 7-9 pm scrap book Cricut workshop sound?

  • @Vaughn tentative yes. Let me haul it out and run some preliminary testing first. I assume it would be a free for members, $40 for non members type deal?

    I will need to purchase a new mat, etc which I can take out of the non-member workshop fees.