Request: Private Workshop for Clay

  • Hello,

    As a very excited new member, I showed the Kamloops Makerspace website to my team at work (nice job on the site by the way!). Long story short, my staff would like to set up a clay workshop. Is there a possibility for me to book a 15-16 person private workshop with a clay master? Possibly at @Pottery-Studio ? If so, what would the fees be, if I guaranteed the numbers? I think this would be a great team building exercise and a great source of revenue for the space and the artists. I’m thinking something that we could do sitting around the table in the classroom and/or taking turns of groups of 5 in the pottery wheel room?

    Of course I’d also like to incorporate a tour as well, with some cool demos.

    Thanks for any ideas and opportunities provided. I’m open to suggestions and options.


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