Laser 101 - Thursday Jan 4 7-9 pm

  • Design Lab

    Kamloops Makerspace Laser 101

    Basic Operation and Safety:

    Thurs Nov 16 7-9 pm

    Instructor: @Torren

    Sign-in—7:00 pm—Lounge:

    A brief introduction to the Kamloops Makerspace and lasercutting

    • membership info
    • Show and tell samples of laser cutting/engraving
    • Watch short video on laser theory and materials safety

    Discuss materials safety:

    Read this part carefully:

    Ask before you cut unknown materials!!!

    This is a critical health and life-safety rule.

    If certain materials are cut, then cyanide, chlorine, benzene or other potentially carcinogenic or deadly gases may be formed

    Design for lasercutting—7:30—Design Lab:

    • Discuss vector and raster images
      • Saving and exporting, file formats, scale, line colours, etc.
      • Show tracing of raster image into vector
    • Address participants pet-projects or specific goals with laser cutter
    • Save traced files (paths) of quick jegs to DXF

    Lasercutter operation—8:00—Fab Shop

    • Show laser tube, mirrors, chiller and filter vent
    • Show loading of material, origin, focal point, manual X/Y/Z,
    • Open/Import a raster image and scan/engrave into wood. Show Z-depth.
    • Open/Import vector image and cut in paper, 1/8" wood (live hinge wallet) and acrylic.
    • Discuss management of materials and waste.
    • Discuss remaining content of laser manual while cutting

    Ends 9 pm

    Edit: kile—changed date in description to match title, moved schedule items so time progressed in a linear fashion, added formatting and text regarding safety

    Edit: Lounge, Design Lab then Fab Shop.

  • Design Lab

    Ive booked it on the facebook page and google calendar to recur every 6 weeks through the winter - we’ll pinch hit instructors as we move forward.

    Thursday evenings 7-9 pm
    Jan 4 — @Torren
    Feb 15 — @kile
    March 29
    May 10

    edit: @kile—updated instructor list

  • How do I sign up? I’ve got the laser bug!

  • Design Lab

    @Kristen - you are signed up!

    Class List:


  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, thanks for coordinating this!

    I’ll step up for the Feb 15 date. I will edit your post above to fill in the dates with instructors booked.

  • Design Lab

    @kile I changed the order to Lounge (intro, sign up, youtube video), the Design Lab (vector basics, etc), the Fab Shop (laser operation).

    After doing this 101 a few times, this seems to be the best sequence.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, awesome!

    I had just rearranged based on the times that were indicated. There is a lot of great info in the header post, and I added some formatting in an attempt to make it a bit more readable.

    Thanks again for being on top of this one.

  • Hi all,

    I’m not available on Jan 4 to teach this. Vaughn isn’t either. Is anyone else? @kile @Krankin

    Given that we don’t have our laser back up, does it even make sense to 101 people on a loaner machine that’s different than ours? I’m leaning towards holding off with Laser 101’s, and anyone who needs help printing now could get help on a hack night or reach out on the forums.


  • Classroom

    I’m not available, and don’t know the loaner laser for this date. I think we have to bump this one until after the new tube shows up.

  • Design Lab

    I dont think trying to teach this on the loaner is a starter, for various reasons.

    The new tubes should be here for the main laze soon, though.

    I’ll cancel the Laser 101 facebook event til further notice

    @torren - is there a confirmed list of people for this Jan 4 class? If so, please post them here and we’ll pick it back up when we’re back in bidness. Thank you.

  • Design Lab

    Next Laser 101: Feb 15th!