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    I went to a TRU Innovation workshop today and it was great! I was able to do a bunch of networking with various individuals from different areas of TRU and the community at large. It seems like there is a core group that is pretty committed to developing and ‘innovation hub at TRU with spokes that extend into every area of the campus, to community leadership groups, and to the professional community.’

    So that is pretty cool.

    My take is that its all pretty conceptual and distant on the horizon still, but there seemed like a few good actionable short term items that came up as well. I had a great chat with Lincoln from KIC/Generator, and we are going to meet up next week to discuss some possibilities.

    There were two keynote speakers, who both gave excellent talks. I have some notes scribbled out that I will try to summarize here later.

    I managed to get Swish aka Manu Goswami (one of the keynote speakers) to come for a tour of the space. His talk was excellent, the content was really applicable to some of the policy stuff I have been working on for the space, and I was really grateful to have an excellent opportunity to talk to him about it. This guys CV has more on it that probably 99.9999% of people that I will ever meet. Oh yeah, and he is 20 years old. I think he will be open to a contact in the future (I’m sure he is crazy busy—but he is a social media beast, and is out there). He had some really great feedback about the space, so kudos to all who have helped make it what it is!

    I now have at least 6 follow up emails to write from today, so I will get to that, I just wanted to quickly let everyone know the event was a great success, and TRU will keep us involved as they continue planning for the Innovation Hub.

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