• Does anyone know how to do silk screening or fusing vinyl to fabric? I’d love to learn!

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    Hi - there is a silk screen unit in the Design Lab that @Will donated. Apparently it works, but no-one has stepped up yet and get it running. Maybe Will could give some direction on it and we could get it running?

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    Additionally, you could look up the model number from the unit in the design lab, and do some research online. It seems simple enough to operate.

    I have taken a silkscreen course at TRU, and could help figure out the process if you have questions after looking at the manual.

  • I did some silk screening way back in 1991 (!) We made wooden frames, stapled on the silk material, then painted them with a photosensitive resin. Masked and did a UV exposure to cure selected parts of the resin, and rinsed out the rest. After that you have a template that you can lay over a piece of stretched fabric, squeegee on some dye, and move to the next shirt. Assuming we have all the stuff, we should be able to get it working in an afternoon.

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    Oddly @theo was talking about this last night at open house

  • You guys are so freaking awesome

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    Lets get that silkscreen unit in the Design Lab down at hacknight and make it werk.

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