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    Hi Everyone,

    @Jennifer contacted the info box regarding setting up a repair cafe with Transition Kamloops in the next year, and I directed her to the forum. I saw that she signed up for the forum, and posted in the shout-box a few weeks ago, and I wanted to start a thread to see if we can pull out a few more details and gauge the level of interest/support from the membership.

    @Jennifer can you give us any more details about Transition Kamloops, where you see the repair cafe happening, how you think our membership could help, what are the overall goals, etc.

    @members, thoughts/advice based on past events we have done?

  • What are we repairing?

  • Imagine hack night where we help people fix belongings.

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    @pierre, I think the idea is to have people bring in whatever they want and provide support for them to repair it?

    @Jennifer, how am I doing there?

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    Here is the original email that Info@km received from @Jennifer .

    I am representing Transition Kamloops and we are considering several projects in Kamloops and looking for partners. One idea we are researching is putting on a Repair Cafe and were wondering if Makerspace people would be interested in taking part in such an event. It is early in our planning but we would envision having a day when community members bring their items (small appliances, bikes, clothing, jewelry, etc.) to a location, to be determined, and sit and wait while they are repaired and saved from the landfill. One key ingredient is having handy people who would be willing to do the repairing.
    If you have any interest in being involved or helping with suggestions and/or planning we would like to hear from you.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Jennifer Ste Marie, for Transition Kamloops

    So maybe I made up them repairing it thing. . .

  • @kile This is the mission statement for Transition Kamloops:
    Transition Kamloops is a group focused on increasing local resilience and self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, culture and wellness. We emphasize a local economy, healthy ecosystems, and grassroots community building, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We believe in a better way: a community that sustains life in all its diversity, strives for equality and justice and invests in the future.
    We have taken on the project of a Repair Cafe which we would like to have happen in the new year. The goals are to avoid sending things to the landfill and maintain/grow our fixing skills. I am guessing that Makers are good “fixers” and we would love to have you share your skills. Usually people bring items to be repaired and stay while they are being repaired. There is a community building goal as well. Our first organizing/planning meeting will happen in mid January and when we have a date and place we will let everyone know. We have a Repair Cafe facebook page and I can post it here too. If there are interested members, feel free to join the planning meeting or we can keep you posted as to how to become involved.

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    @Jennifer this sounds awesome! It looks like there is potentially a lot over overlap in the guiding philosophy of our organizations.

    For some reason my first thought went straight to the idea that, maybe between our groups we could set a collective goal to set a repair cafe every Saturday at the farmers market next year?

    I’m not sure if there would be the volunteer interest—I can’t commit to more than a few full days in that period personally—but it really seems like that could be a great avenue if it worked out. We have had a Kamloops Makerspace booth there in the past, and this seems like a natural adjunct to that. One of the greatest things about our weekly open house, is that it is a weekly event. In this case any Wednesday is much easier for people to fit in than one particular date ever could be.

    Keep us posted about the planning meeting, we will try to send a representative for sure!

  • @kile We will be meeting on Jan 17 from 5-7pm to start planning the Repair Cafe. Would Makerspace be able to send a/some representatives? We are still figuring out where to meet. Would you consider having the meeting at Makerspace or would that interfere with your open house day?

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    @Jennifer, I talked about this with some members yesterday, and the general feeling is if we did it in the classroom, then it shouldn’t conflict with the open house. The only catch is that will limit us to about 10-15 people. If there were more, we might be able to do it in the lounge, but would rather not do it on a Wednesday in this case.

  • I’ve confirmed with the Battle Barbie’s folks that they’re not using the room on Wednesday’s at this time. We should book this on the calendar and try it out. I’ll try to be there for it

  • @pierre I’ll let the others know that we can meet at Makerspace from 5-7pm on Jan 17. There won’t be more than 10 people for the initial meeting I don’t think. Once we get things going, it could get bigger and we’ll have to figure out what to do then. Thanks for your hospitality!

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    @Jennifer sounds great. It looks like @pierre has booked it on the calendar.

    I look forward to seeing you there!

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