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  • @BrianB has agreed to loan us the spare laser cutter. It comes with a rotary tool. It is 75 watts and measures 39" wide by 33" deep. I will need help moving it.0_1511994300375_20171129_141619.jpg

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    @Grant-Fraser Scorpion saves the day again!

    I think we should recognize them as top or patron level sponsors right along with (or even above) the city. Sure the city has given us a bunch of money, but it takes a bunch of work applying to get in, and comes from our tax dollars that have been earmarked for purposes congruent with our mission.

    When stuff happens at the space, Scorpion is there—in real time—making an impact! I could not even begin to guess at the cash equivalent that has been donated to the space.

    Thanks for everything @BrianB!!!

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    @Grant-Fraser, I can help moving it tonight or late tomorrow afternoon.

  • @kile lets do this tomorrow at 4:30

  • Give me a time and place and I will be there to help if I can

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    Wow, thanks @BrianB - thats outstanding!

    @Grant-Fraser @kile I can help at 430 with my truck, if needed. I have to teach a class in the evening though so it’s a bit tight for time.

  • @Vaughn we’ll make it 4:30 then. Your truck would be much easier to use then my van.
    Scorpion Technologies Ltd.
    #10 953 Laval Cres.
    It’s the unit farthest from Laval Crescent. Bay doors at the back. Next door to The Grocery People

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    OK see you there

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    I can help as well.

    It doesn’t look extremely light.

  • Successful test cut (most of the way through). 50% speed, 50% power. Still needs air assist installed. Also need to find the cutting guide for this laser. 0_1512287976738_20171202_235537.jpg

  • We have the air supply connected. We have a dedicated computer. This machine works by printing directly from Corel Draw. We are now working out the bugs to make consistent cuts. Once we have a plan in place we will do a laser 102 for operating this machine.

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    I’ll work the Corel end of this tonight and help write the 101; hopefully we can get it running and get Members up to speed on this loaner machine by weekend.

  • @Vaughn there is a template file on the desktop that I’ve been working on. We’ve already saved several preferences like printing and page size

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    Ive got the loaner cutting paper and 3ml baltic, as well as scanning rasters. It will do 6ml, but the cutting quality is scorchy and needs tuning.

    I am working on a simple quick start guide for people who need the capability NOW. That should be ready by Thursday evening.

    Thanks again to @BrianB Scorpion Tech for the loaner - hopefully the Makerspace laser is up again soon.

  • Let me know when this guide is ready. We should make a video walk through.

  • I found the magic setting in Corel Draw to tell the machine the difference between vector and raster. If you make a shape with a thickness of “hairline” it gets treated as a vector. Any other thickness is treated as a raster.

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    Haven’t had the time to get this laser figured out to the point I’d feel comfortable turning novices loose on it - too behind with my own work and too many variables.

  • Looks like @DennisTY had the honour of making the first cuts intended to build an actual project with this machine tonight! Congratulations.

    It is … tricky to vector cut with. Wide, charred kerfs, lots of smoke, a fair amount of flare-up. But it’ll cut 6mm ply at 50% power 20% speed. That’s something.

    It also rasters beautifully, and fast. I think we were doing that at 50% power, 100% speed. The super light-weight gantry and wider kerf lets it do very fast raster scans.

    We found that example of a vector cut where it left a pronounced 45 degree chamfer that @Grant-Fraser accidentally made in the bin. I’m going to try to get some pictures of that and try to figure out how to do it on purpose, because it would make the coolest decorative edges. Laser chamfer the edges then vector cut the part out! I think it has something to do with the depth of field of the lens assembly on this machine though, which means we probably can’t reproduce it on our machine without swapping out the lenses.

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    Success last night helping Delora and Jose cut coasters. I had to separate the vector and raster operations to get it to do what I was telling it to do, but we did get 6 coasters made.

  • I helped @Chainmaildave cut some poster board last night before the not-meeting. It was interesting, because to get on-size parts we had to manually apply a tool offset for the laser kerf. It was losing almost half a millimeter on each side due to the kerf.

    On the upside:


    Look at that kerf line! The sides slope in around 45 degrees. I want to burn double versions of that and then cut through the center of the outer one.


    Something like that in cross section…

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    We weren’t able to light up the computer connected to the loaner laser tonight - @van-Danger and I tried everything we knew to get a pulse, but no dice.

    The machine is getting power, all cords are connected, but it doesn’t sound like a fan is running in the box and the monitor isn’t receiving a signal.

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