Antenna ripped out from wireless card

  • Hey everyone!

    So the hinge on my laptop broke, and while I was taking it apart to fix it, the antennas attached to the wireless card broke off. I tried soldering them back on (although they were crimp fit from the factory, but I couldn’t get them to stay in). My soldering iron isn’t the best, and the tip is melted off, so the job was sloppy. It can connect to the network but not enough to make a full connection and access the internet. Is there a reason why doing a better job with the iron at the space wouldn’t work? I’d like to try, seeing as that’s a free route of repair. My iron may have fried the card too, which may mean I have to get a new one. I’m going to see what it would cost to get fixed at some of the shops in town, but does anyone have any experience installing wireless cards and would be willing to help me install one in my laptop?

  • take a pic of it. You might be able to find some wireless cards at the space also. Or you could use a use dongle.

  • I have the backplate on it again but I’m going to bring it down tomorrow if you’re by at some point. I’m going to try to re-solder it, and if that doesn’t work I’ll look if there’s a spare card lying around. The antennas for these things they’re just a piece of wire eh? There’s nothing special that’s going on inside them that would need an intricate connection?

  • I wont be in till nextweek

  • If the card looks like this:


    We have several from scrapped laptops at the space, shelf nearest the pachinko machine, about middle height. Swap out the card, and grab replacement antennas from one of the dead laptops in the grey e-waste bin. They have a tiny coax connector on them and won’t solder on well You would solder the shield and likely make almost no contact with the center pin. Also the heat will melt the insulation inside the connector, causing the antenna to have random short circuits.

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