Budget Smart Home Switches 6.25$ Each

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  • @ColeVanD Its a long video, but its very interesting.

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    Following message should be in this thread: every single thingy you’re connecting to your house power line should be CSA approved. Otherwise, it is your own fault if fire happens. I bet insurance companies love Sonoff and other 狗屎-brands.
    However, those gadgets are totally awesome and I would definitely get one (or even build my own).

  • I wish CSA was what it used to be. Now there are over 30 different approval companies and some things are CSA approved in China. https://www.technicalsafetybc.ca/alert/approved-certification-marks-electrical-products-0

  • Disclaimer: I have not watched the videos that lead up to this thread.

    Sonoff is interesting mostly because you can re-flash the esp8266 on it to run better (more flexible) firmware that does not expose massive security flaws or phone home with questionable info… I’m likely to get some to play with for my projects.

    I currently have a couple of TP-Link HS-100 sockets that I got from best buy for $30 for the pair. They are marked as CSA approved, but use the shittiest possible cell-phone interface. Luckily they are fairly hackable, because they are very bad at network security. My automation system lives on an isolated VLAN and is not exposed to the internet so, not an issue… but if the average user buys these, they can be used to turn your shit on and off, and potentially monitor when you are home over the internet. I use Node-Red to control them via this module: https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-red-contrib-hs100 It can tell me if they are on or off, and set their state, based on whatever automation triggers I’ve set. I’ve mostly used them to monitor and control my 1970’s airconditioning system.

    I do wish I’d spent the extra $10 to get HS101’s though, those ones can provide feedback about current draw to the automation system. That would let me log to an influx database, and track power usage over time. Might even be able to predict if the system needs maintenance based on fluctuations in power draw vs temperature…

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