Fundraising for new la$er tube

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    We will need a new tube for the laser and need to order it asap. If warranty comes through, great, but in the meantime we need to order a new tube today.

    Looks like about $1000 is needed - I can commit to $100. Hopefully other laser jockey’s out there can help make this happen!

  • I will put in $50 for it.

  • In the interest of keeping our laser loan as short as possible, Scorpion will throw in $150.


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    It looks like we are going to order two tubes, because the shipping is more than the tubes themselves. Thanks to everyone chipping in - I also posted this to facebook page and am getting feedback there, as well.

    Please e-transfer donations to and note “laser tube”.

    Thank you!

  • Would it be reasonable to assume that the new tube wouldn’t be put to use until the cause of the damange is identified and addressed?

    I don’t pretend to know the first thing about laser cutters- but I figure whatever broke the first one could happen again?

    I’m in for $50 to start.

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    @Kristen, yes.

  • @megan-fenkhuber and I have leftover Laser Cut Christmas Decorations from the TRU LEAP Christmas Party. So we have set up two workshops and are selling them. We have 22 sets of them so hopefully we can sell them all and make funds for the new laser with products from the old laser!

  • So far we have raised $600 with another $100 pledged. Almost there. Woot!

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    i’ll pitch in $50

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    I posted the fundraising call to the facebook page and there was good sharing there and response.

    @pierre whats the word on ordering and getting the new tube(s) in?

  • I sent a transfer over for $200.

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    @pierre told me Saturday that he has sent some footage of the tube to the manufacturer who will comment on if it can be repaired or replaced under warranty.

    The replacement will not cover the shipping if approved.

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    I think the wheels.should be put in Motion to order two new tubes immediately and get the warranty and or repair if possible later.

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    @Vaughn I hear you brother, but the shipping cost relative to the tube cost does not make this a practical course of action IMO.

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