Maker Monday December Edition

  • Design Lab

    Thanks to the core people who attend Maker Mondays - your efforts are having a big effect as the building is the most clean, organized and set-up its ever been.

    Last night we:
    -Cleaned Lounge , Kitchen ( @ashley ) , Mudroom ( @amber and @vaughn )
    -Cleaned bathrooms ( @amber )
    -Took out all garbages ( @vaughn )
    -Worked on loaner laser ( @vaughn )
    -Swept everything ( @ Riss )
    -Ran ethernet cable to Fab Shop ( @Pierre and @rob? )
    -Worked on forms for workshops and feedback ( @megan-fenkhuber )

    @Amber has volunteered to cook next week to give @KillwithKindness a break (and thank you, Ashley, for all your work and commitment to Mondays), so that will be something different. Other than ‘no tomatoes’, any food restrictions?

    To do list in progress:

    Two new 24" x 96" form ply work surfaces in the Craftorium, working with @megan-fenkhuber and @KillwithKindness, which has been on the list for some time. This will make the room more inviting and useable. Maybe a new high shelf as well?

    New shelves for the Lounge, possibly swoopy, to get moar eye candy in there (like @Ron_Ron 's hologramtube and @Krankin 's black light rejuvenation vessel). @Ron_Ron : lets take a look at the little shelf in the corner with some of your builds and see if we can display that stuff better and get more stuff off the floor (easier to clean).

  • Member

    some additional things and minor revisions to the list of things that got done.

    -wood shop swept ( @krankin )
    -swept lounge ( @krankin )
    -Ran Ethernet Cable to fab shop ( @pierre, @megan-fenkhuber and @krankin )
    -kitchen cleaned and mopped ( @KillwithKindness )
    -delicious meal cooked ( @KillwithKindness )
    Also it is not the “black light rejuvenation vessel”, it is the Phosphorescence rejuvenation vessel"

  • Came in today to work on a few things and started the Maker Monday list for this upcoming Monday December 11th, 2017.


    I have already started on some of these things today but we should have stuff left tomorrow still.

  • Checking off:

    • Sweeping above main floor (Stairs included, Woodshop excluded.)
    • Sweeping of work surfaces in the Woodshop.
    • Washing the Dog beds now
    • Washed Lounge tables
    • Washing Lounge Blankets
    • Some dishes
    • Network Cable

  • @Vaughn there is slack in the network cable to be able to move the lounge lizard around on your shelf now. I’m actually wondering if we can hang it under the shelf and mount the monitor to the wall to leave a really clean resulting work surface? I’m going to try to run a better power cable over there Monday night.

    Also the loaner laser machine is on the network now. So you can download the art into it and try cutting stuff.

  • Design Lab

    Maker Monday Guest Chef tonight: @AmberAntler

    To do’s (besides cleaning):
    New work surfaces in Craftorium and Design Lab ( @vaughn )
    Dial in Lounge Lizard
    Shelf for glowy-box charger thingy and ron_ron’s holo-projector

  • Director

    @Vaughn I think the priority for the Craftorium is the shelving over the table surfaces. What we have now is workable. Without the shelving unit new table surfaces are just going to continue to be covered on stuff there is no other place for. My friend Kassandra drew up professional blueprints for the shelving I would like and they are hanging in the wall in the Craftorium. We were going to start on them a couple month ago, but they require 6 [edit because memory remembered the 2 from $200 worth of Plywood XD] sheets of plywood and since we are planning on painting them, we felt it was a waste of the form-ply. We were going to use the money from the fundraiser dinner to buy the ply-wood, but other costs arose for the space and I just haven’t had a chance to fundraise for another six sheets.

  • @megan.fenkhuber you should get the plywood. You’ve done the fundraising for it and we are almost done the laser tube fundraising. There will always be competing priorities.

  • Design Lab

    @megan.fenkhuber ok - there just doesn’t seem to be enough open work surface in the Craftorium in comparison to the tons of existing shelving storing stuff. I assumed more surface to actually do stuff in there as oppossed to storing stuff was priority?

  • Classroom

    In a few places around the building, I feel like we are storing too many things that may have value (real or perceived), but are just not being used enough. I’m not sure if this applies to the stuff in the Craftorium or not—I’m not sure what is in there—but it would be worth examining before building more shelves IMO.

    When we did the woodshop cleanup over the summer, we got rid of a lot of objects that were somewhat wood related, but were very rarely or never used. This took the shop from being nearly unusable to being nearly efficient (IMO).

    If it hasn’t been used in the last 60 days, and isn’t likely to be used in the next 60 days, it should be seriously questioned if it needs to be in the building at all. If it hasn’t been used in the past 60 days, and someone thinks it will be used in the next 60, hit it with green tape (that includes a date and name) and revisit it in 60 days.

    We can’t keep building storage to suit the things we decide to keep. We need to decide what to keep based on the storage that we have.

    As a general rule work surfaces should be the first and most basic priority (IMO).

    Again, I’m not sure how much of this applies to the Craftorium directly, but I would encourage the regular users to consider this and discuss it.

    PS—I won’t make it in tonight, but I will be there in spirit while working on a bunch of letters and documents that need to get sorted for the space. Sincere thanks to everyone that will be there!

  • Thwere was always a plan for more shelving in the craftorium as there is such a variety of activities that use unique materials. Part of the problem right now is there is too much stuff on the floor which negates the ability for the table space we have to be pulled out and rearranged as needed. I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a fabric hoarder and we need to go through what we have and better organize it. The key to a functional multi-use craft space is materials at hand in clearly marked storage. As well, part of the new shelf is designated stronger storage for the machines thus freeing up table space.

  • The work surfaces in the Craftorium are routinely used to make up for a shortfall in storage space. Ideally work surfaces would integrate storage space whenever possible.

  • Design Lab

    Thought I’d just rip two new.formply work surfaces in there and then the shelves? No problem though - lots to do otherwise! I’ll be there at 6pm.

  • Classroom

    @megan-fenkhuber, @pierre, I totally understand. I’m not advocating for any particular course of action, other than the people who use the room the most making an honest evaluation around the materials that are stored in the room, and deciding what will actually be used in the near future.

    Potentially, reducing the demand for storage may make more sense in the short term than building more storage.

  • Looks like we made a bit of headway on figuring out the scorpion laser. It has a bit of a learning curve to it, though that might be influenced by being very accustomed to the workflow on our laser.

    Sweeping was done. Food was eaten. I did not get the lathe remounted, or the wiring in the lounge hung. But I’ll get to those things this week some time I think.

  • Design Lab

    Thanks to the regulars who make Maker Monday happen and to @Ms-Amber for the delicious home-made alfredo and baking.

    Some of what happened:

    Clay Space mopped @amanda_e
    Design Lab tidy @vaughn
    Woodshop sweeping @krankin
    Sweeping elsewhere @everyone
    Garbages @everyone
    Loaner Laser figuring out @Grant-Fraser @vaughn @pierre

  • Working on a Maker Monday list right now and getting some taskes done for it.

    Also starting on dinner prep. I am making Cheeseburger Soup.


    This is just the start of the list. And I won’t be adding the things I do today to it but I will try to list them when I am done so people know what they don’t have to do.

    Also because next Monday is the 25th I want to know what people think about not doing Maker Monday. I might still be here for it but I know family and holidays might have others busy. Mostly I am curious if I should plan a meal or not. Let me know here please as soon as possible. If I only from few people or no one at all I won’t necessarily already have food made or planned.

    Edit: Tomorrow’s meal.

  • Member

    @KillwithKindness I will be in quesnel for christmas day, so i wont be able to make it next week and probably the week after as well.

  • 3D

    @DennisTY and I will be there tomorrow but not on the 25th. We will bring some bread to break with your yummy looking soup.

  • Thank you @Krankin and @Beth for letting me know.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t get very many things completed yesterday.

    I gave myself a decent burn across my left hand. It slowed me down during prep of food. So all I got done was dishes, and even then not all of them.

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