Lumiere 2018

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    @pierre, floating cyber squid?

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    @pierre, oh snap.

    This is awesome. I think this assembly method would require the positive pressure of the fan to keep inflated. I’m sure this wouldn’t scale up well as a helium filled version.

    Maybe a giant Cthulu head emerging from a doorway or some other structure, with other Lovecraftian horrors pulsing with light in the surrounding trees?

  • What if I put a small fan on it, and hang it from a body made of helium filled balloons? I just want a giant, glowing, tentacled beast in the sky. Adding some lift rotors might make it more viable. If it were powered using a tether to the ground you don’t need to lift batteries…

  • Have it impaled on a spear.

  • Next October We should have them sticking the windows.

  • KAC has posted this on their facebook page but it seems to have dropped off our radar.

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    @Grant-Fraser, I have been in touch with KAC, and have talked with @Ron_Ron about this one. We can get a $300 check from them if we have some volunteers to set up on day of (@Ron_Ron and I can help dial in what needs to be set up before hand, but aren’t sure about schedule day of yet).

    We could deliver the sand drawing table thing, and the laser sound visualization speaker balloon thingy for this. Will post more details later, I have a class starting.

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