MakeS it Blink: January Arduino Workshop

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    Programming Addressable LED’s with Arduino

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018—6:30-8:30*

    *an extra hour of project support will be available immediately following the workshop, if desired

    Facilitated by @Ron_Ron and @kile



    This workshop will provide an introduction to the Arduino open source computer hardware and software company, project, and user community, and will cover the basics of the hardware and software required to light up your next project.

    Topics covered

    Hardware—selecting an Arduino compatible board and LEDs for your project

        What is Arduino?

        What are Neopixels?

    Software—finding and modifying programs made for the Arduino IDE and uploading them to your board

    Supplied items

    Each workshop participant will receive a kit containing everything you need to get blinking, including:

    • a microcontroller (Arduino Nano clone)
    • a short strand of addressable LED lights
      • or alternatively, individual addressable LEDs for manually soldering wiring (depending on your project requirements)
    • a button to allow for responsive programs
    • a breadboard and wires to hook it all up

    It is advised that participants bring a laptop computer, with either the Arduino web editor configured with their browser, or the standalone version the Arduino IDE installed—we cannot supply individual computers for each participant—If this is not possible for you, but you would like to attend please contact Kile to make arrangements.


    • $20 for members, $55 for non-members
    • Special holiday offer—$60 for member/nonmember pair, $90 for a nonmember pair

    Give the gift of blinking this holiday, and sign up with some friends! When you register as a pair, you will receive two project kits, and a discounted rate.

    Message @kile, or send an email to register/confirm.

    All proceeds will be either donated to the space, and/or used to purchase components for future workshops!


    This workshop includes room for twelve participants. Participants that have indicated interest below, please confirm!

    Tentative participants, please confirm to secure your spot

                  Name             Confirmed?
    1 @robert yes
    2 @robert (guest) yes
    3 @Krankin paid
    4 @Vaughn paid
    5 @KillwithKindness paid
    6 Jeff G. paid
    7 Shalen C. paid
    8 @dbrockle paid
    9 @pierre paid
    10 @pierre (guest) paid
    11 @Chainmaildave paid
    12 @kylejdyck paid
    waitlist   @Riss

    The next workshop will be scheduled ASAP based interest—reply below to jump in!

  • This sounds actually basic enough for me to understand. If it is really start from scratch, Arduino for Dummy’s kind of thing. I’d bring one or two other non-members.

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    @robert, this is intended to be a basic introduction/first look at Arduino. No previous programming or electronics experience is required.

    The cost will probably be around $15-20 for members, and $50-60 dollars for non-members (still need to finalize components and confirm pricing). It would make a great Christmas present for the friend that has everything, except for basic Arduino programming skills!

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    @kile I’d like to take this.

  • Design Lab

    Id be in for that @kile

    I dont have a laptop currently; Ill have to figure that out. Could I use the lounge lizard?

    Thanks for planning this! Let me know if I can help with making an advertising image for a facebook event?

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    Sure @Vaughn, the lounge lizard should work. It would be a good idea to have it set up with the IDE anyhow if it isn’t already.

    I’ve been meaning to set up some stuff on there, such as an email address so people can easily transfer files between there and other computers/laptops. Maybe I’ll try to do that tomorrow at hack night.

    I’m just waiting to hear back from @Ron_Ron if he got the time off confirmed (I believe he has requested it). It would be nice to have another instructor there so we can both help people out with their code. @Vaughn, you can start getting an add ready for facebook, but please hold off posting until I confirm the prices and date here.

    Counting the lounge lizard, @Ron_Ron’s and my laptops, there should be room for a few people without laptops. I’d like to see it under half the class so that we don’t have more than 1.5 or so people per computer.

    I’ll start penciling people in who have expressed interest, and try to confirm all the deets by the weeks end.

  • @kile There are a few desk tops we can set up. They are from the build a pc workshop.

  • Possibly in.
    I did the Stepper Motor Arduino course a long time ago, but would be interested as a refresher if it isn’t bumping someone else out of a spot.

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    @GHunter, its not! Still plenty of room. I’ll go ahead and add you.

    If the list list fills up, and we confirm @Ron_Ron will have the time off, then we might be able to open up a couple more seats.

    I will start a waitlist as well in case people who have expressed interest aren’t able to confirm.

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    Okay everyone, we are on for this date!

    If you have indicated interest please confirm based on your schedule and the fact that we now have a price listed.

    @Vaughn, if you can still manage a Facebook add that would be awesome. Note the special holiday offer. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow morning, I’ll whip something up. I’ve left it pretty late before the holiday, and want to get it out there for the last minute shoppers, not sure about your schedule.

    If there is significant interest, we can open up at least one more workshop in January, and one or two in February (might have smaller caps if I’m solo facilitator, depends on @Ron_Ron’s availability).

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    @kile yes I can help with that today - we need a good image to make an ad. Can you Google image up something that would work? Ill get started on the text, etc

  • Design Lab

    @kile i did the facebook event and launched it - I made you a host, so you can edit it if need be. Often people will say they are interested on the facebook thread, so I recommend scanning that every day or so.
    The event instructs people to confirm their spot by e-transferring or otherwise paying the fee. I have found that is the best way to ensure the booking is solid.

    0_1514056206829_jan 9 2018 ad.jpg

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    @Vaughn, thanks! Potential signups are emailing already

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    I am in

  • I’d like a spot too!

  • Doesn’t look like I can make this after all, will be out of town :(

  • @GHunter I am sure that we will have a few more flash workshops like this popping up soon. We might even do arduino and something else. I wonder what people might be interested in.

  • @dbrockle Welcome. I just added you to the list.

  • If there are still seats available, I’d like to come with @KillwithKindness and a non-member who I’m trying to convert into a member :) I am planning on making a sign with LEDs to indicate laser cutter status…

  • @pierre seats available.

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    Thanks for keeping the list updated over the holiday @Ron_Ron, I just got home from visiting family.

    The list is starting to fill up, and I’d like to make sure that we don’t have any empty seats come workshop time, so if folks want to e-transfer the fee to that would be great.

    If you have any questions about payment (including paying with cash), or anything else about the workshop , please feel free to PM or email me.

    Thanks for the interest guys! If more people want to sign up than we will schedule another date soon.