Source for heavy wall steel pipe?

  • I need some 2" OD steel pipe with fairly thick walls… Does anyone know of a good local source?
    I want to mount a small hoist.

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    @pierre i’ll see if i can get some from work how much do you need?

  • Frame wants about 20" to mount to, but I’d rather run it floor to roof joist. Please get me a price and I’ll figure out what I can afford.

    I’m thinking of mounting one of these:;jsessionid=lhSeJKkcybw7viSbWYJcYrBC.pal-prod-com2

    If it is good, it’d be tempting to rig a way to mount a 20" piece of 2" to the fire escape at the space. :)

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    @Bradley-Maker has been working on the fire escape plans. This would be a good time to look at how we are planning on addressing hoisting, I know it has been discussed with the new stairs/party porch

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    @pierre they have some 1-15/16" Dia. with 3/16" thick in the scrap pile. most of it has a layer of rust on it but there is some nicer pieces there. Several at 8’-0"+ lengths. be around 3-5$ a foot

  • That’d be perfect for my needs @Krankin I’d take two 8’ pieces if you can swing it. I’ll bring you cash.

    @kile I was actually thinking of hanging it from the 3rd-floor steel fire escape. Being able to haul up and drop onto a cart sitting on the 2nd floor landing would be very good for clay.

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    @pierre at that price—assuming it works—we should install 2.

  • Remember, this is just the mounting bracket… We still need between $100 and $300 worth of motor, spool, gearbox… But I’m going to mount one on my garage, and figure out the motor later. Maybe I’ll get a good deal on a motor next year.

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    @pierre fair enough.

    If we can try to hack/salvage some components (within the bounds of reason and overbuilt safety), and keep it closer to the $100 end, that seems totally viable.

  • That’s about why I’ve opted to spend $60 on a manufactured mount with a load rating much higher than I intend to lift in and out of the back of my pickup. I’m sure I could bodge together a safe mount for it, but this is so cheap that I don’t want to have to second-guess it.

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    @pierre, sensible approach.

  • @pierre you probly shood ask my dad if he has the pipe

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