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  • @Krankin Neat articular. Pierre and I keep a P 38 at home and we brought one into the Space. Small and sometimes a pain to use but it does in a pinch. We brought it in when the can opener someone donated broke and the survival kit in the truck always has a P 38 in it.

  • The Australians have one even better. I present for your edification the Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device:


    I really wish they were still available. It is a P-38 style canopener, with a wider, more rounded handle, and more leverage. It is a bottle opener. It is a spoon to eat the food in the can with. I’d be even happier if they were available with a built-in spork. The Aussie Defense force FRED needs to be mass adopted by some outfit that will ship me a box of 100 or so. Tape 'em to 6-packs of tuna fish and stew. Stash the package in the vehicle for roadside breakdowns.

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    @pierre, workshopable?

  • I could make a one-off that is much nicer than the FRED, but to do it right (super cheap and in lots of 10 for a buck), you need two different alloys of sheet steel and a press capable of shearing and forming. If I had a suitable hydraulic press, I would not put it in the metal shop without some sort of serious lockout, because too many people watch the Hydraulic Press youtube channel, and I’d have to constantly clean up stupid shit put into the press. Probably fingers too.

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    @pierre I’d like to learn how to do a one off.

    Making things out of metal is pretty high up on the list of shit i’d like to learn, but so far it hasn’t made it on to the list of shit I’m actually working on. . .

  • @pierre they are certainly pricey but I m thinking of ordering some. I usually have a P38 or 51 in my wallet. I like the P51 more because of my arthritis. Those things have helped me through some weird binds. The FRED might not wallet stow as nice.


    IFAK knives are another one of those cheap handy EDC things as well.

  • I would like to know how to make them also!

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